Romagna Visit Card, what it is and how it works

The Romagna Visit Card is a card that allows you to see many attractions and museums from the coast to the hinterland. Here's how it is activated, how much it costs and where to buy, plus an itinerary just for you.

La Romagna Visit Card is a tourist card that can be used in the Provinces of Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini. The Card, the first Ravenna Visit Card, has reached its 4th year of life this year and after trying it, I can tell you how it works and what is possible to do with this card.

What is the Romagna Visit Card

The Romagna Visit Card is a card that allows you to see 48 museums at the single cost of 12€, that of the card, with a total saving of € 226. The Romagna Visit Card is recommended for those who decide to spend a weekend in Romagna and do not want to miss anything, from the museums in the historic center of Rimini to the lesser-known but still very interesting ones in the Romagna hinterland.

The Romagna Visit Card also offers many additional discounts 60 structures and for families there is also one Just 4 Kids Card. However, remember that with the purchase of two cards for adults, the card for children is free. An extra incentive for families who love to travel and visit the museums of Romagna.

Where to buy and how to activate

In all of Romagna there are currently well 56 points of sale where to buy or collect your Card. If you prefer to go to one of these points of sale to buy it, all you have to do is go to the official website and find the point closest to you. If you prefer buy it online, which you can always do on the official website, remember that you will still have to go to one of the official points of sale with your voucher to collect your Romagna Visit Card.

The Romagna Visit Card is nominal and must be activated with an SMS or online, following a link that will be provided to you during the purchase phase, by entering the number of your Card (which is located behind the card itself) and your name and surname.

Itinerary between Rimini and the hinterland

Among the possible itineraries that can be followed, thanks to the Romagna Visit Card, I have built one specifically for those from the city of Rimini who want to arrive in the hinterland of Romagna and finish the day with a sunset over the hills of Rimini.

Domus of the Surgeon - a splendid example of Roman architecture located in the center of the city of Rimini. With its rooms with walls decorated with polychrome frescoes, the house, owned by a doctor, has returned a large quantity of finds, of which the main one is a box containing 150 surgical instruments.

Rimini City Museum - to visit the Museum of the City of Rimini, you will have to carve out at least a couple of hours. On the first floor there is a section with the artifacts found in the Surgeon's House, do not miss it if you have already seen or are planning to see the other structure. Furthermore, in addition to the fourteenth-century painting of the Rimini School, I recommend the whole section dedicated to the advertising prints of the '900 and to Federico Fellini. Here is his very famous Book of Dreams.

Rocca Malatestiana in Verucchio - an incredible Malatesta fortification that is worth seeing not only to better understand the history of this area, but also (let's face it) for the splendid panorama that can be admired from inside the Rocca. A balcony overlooks the whole of Romagna and you can also see the sea of ​​Rimini.

Museum of Peasant Civilization of Montescudo - a unique museum on the peasant civilization of Romagna. Lots of tools and tools used to work the land still exhibited here. In addition, a section is completely dedicated to machines used for agriculture. A world to see and explore to better understand our history.

Sapignoli Mill Museum of Poggio Torriana - museum of milling art and still fully functional. In Poggio Torriana an important museum tells about life in the area during the Malatesta Lordship, where their granary was located. In addition to the Museum, there is also a small library here for those who want to deepen the discussion. The Museum is open by appointment only.

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