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    Riviera Maya, how to move without spending

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    How to move around the Riviera Maya without spending too much. Tips to be able to visit all the beauties of this enchanting stretch of Mexican coast.

    The Riviera Maya, which occupies more than 100 kilometers of coastline, boasts a series of natural and human wonders to take your breath away. From the underground pools known as "Cenotes" to the Mayan ruins, visible in all their splendor in places like the marvelous Jumpsuit.

    And yet natural parks, beaches with crystal clear sea, islands with remote charm, ancient Mayan cities like Try and nature reserves. And then there are big centers like Playa del Carmen e Cancun, where you will find every possible type of entertainment, all inclusive resorts, hotels, clubs and restaurants.

    How to move in the Riviera Maya

    To be able to visit all the beauties that this stretch of coast offers, it is obviously necessary to move.

    Sometimes, however, when you are not prepared, you end up spending more than the trip itself between excursions and trips. To avoid this, here are the options to move around the Riviera Maya without spending a fortune.

    The means of transport you choose will greatly depend on your budget, the time available and the type of holiday you intend to do.

    Getting around with the colectivos

    Colectivos are a kind of collective taxi, widely used in the Riviera Maya, especially by local people. The ticket price varies according to the route and is still the cheapest way to get around the Riviera Maya.

    Colectivos usually have no more than a dozen places. They can be picked up at stops along the way or at parking lots found in larger centers such as Playa del Carmen and Cancún.

    The ticket is paid directly on board. In my experience they are quite punctual and frequent, and also clean. Sometimes there is no air conditioning and this can be a bit unpleasant in the summer. For the rest, however, they are very convenient for moving between one destination and another.

    Getting around by bus

    The bus is also a fairly inexpensive way to get around the Riviera Maya. Very convenient for example to reach the various locations on the coast from Cancún airport. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices of the larger centers. By bus you can cover long distances and are usually large and very comfortable buses.

    Getting around with a rental car

    Definitely renting a car in Riviera Maya is the best way to move independently. It can also be economical if you have several people using the vehicle. Prices start at 30 euros per day and obviously vary depending on the model chosen.

    Take part in guided excursions

    If you plan to travel a little and have a clear idea of ​​what you want to see, taking part in guided tours can be a good way to get around the Riviera Maya. In this way transport, guide and sometimes even lunch will be included in the ticket price. The only recommendation is to always ask more agencies in order to be able to bargain the most advantageous tour price.

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