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    Rimini in two days: what to do in Rimini in 48 hours

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    What to do in Rimini in a weekend, what to see, what and where to eat and what not to get lost in the coolest city on the Romagna Riviera. Lots of information on clubs and restaurants in this article.

    Un 48 hour trip to Rimini between fun, history and culture it is possible. Rimini is not a very big city, it turns very well by bike, but there is no shortage of things to do in both summer and winter. If you think that Rimini is a fun and active city only in the summer you are wrong. You only have one day to spend in Rimini, find out what you can see in Rimini in just one day.

    In winter his Old Town it is a very important meeting point for both entertainment and events without forgetting the very important history of the city. The Via Flaminia, for example, is the road that was built in Roman times to connect Rimini to Rome and here the influence of the Roman era is felt, and how!

    How to get around in Rimini?

    The best way to see Rimini is at piedi or bicycle. Unfortunately, while you can walk as much as you want, the Rimini bike sharing service is aimed only at residents of the Emilia-Romagna Region, residents in the Province of Pesaro-Urbino or domiciled in Rimini. If you are staying in a hotel on the Romagna Riviera, however, you can undoubtedly take one of the bikes provided by the hotel.

    As regards the bus instead you can rest assured, using the buses in Rimini is very easy, one of the busiest and most useful lines is number 11, the one that connects Rimini to Riccione via the promenade and the Rimini station. So you can get to Riccione or get to the sea at your favorite bathing establishment by spending only € 1.50 for a 90-minute ride. If you want you can try the Romagna Visit Card, entitles you to discounts and concessions at the cost of € 10.

    What to see in Rimini?

    In Rimini you cannot miss the historic center. Here the three basic squares are Three Martyrs Square where, among other things, there is also the sixteenth-century log left by the passage of Julius Caesar and the three lights on the square as evidence of the hanging of the three partisans who died here in the Fascist era. A few steps away is Ferrari square made famous for its excavations and the Domus of the Surgeon which is free every Tuesday of the month, if you pop here don't forget a visit to the Museum of the City of Rimini next door.

    Finally, the Piazza Cavour, very important and beautiful where there is the important Fontana della Pigna, the municipal and provincial offices, the Galli Theater and the access to the Vecchia Pescheria, a meeting place for young people both in summer and in winter. The Course of Augustus is to be covered on foot, starting fromArch of Augustus where comes the via Flaminia we talked about before to finish at Tiberius Bridge. During this journey you can make a short stop at the Rimini Cathedral born from a Franciscan church on a project by Leon Battista Alberti, unfortunately it remained unfinished.

    What to eat in Rimini - Piadine

    Piadina is by far the best and perhaps most characteristic thing to eat in Rimini. In summer there are bars and piadinerie that are not there in winter. If you happen to be in Rimini in the summer then it is a must to try the Casina del Bosco and Ilde Bar, if you want to exaggerate, try the Little Fountains and Nud and Crud. In winter when these are all closed (except Nud and Crud), you can play it safe at Piadineria La Lella. Finally if you want to eat a piadina in the hills try to go to Tomato, in fact it is famous for something else but recently it has been awarded and recognized also for its excellent piadina. The real advice is to read what the 5 best wraps in Rimini.

    What to eat in Rimini - Fish and Meat

    Luckily, Rimini is not just piadina, but also meat and good fish! Let's start immediately with what is neither fish nor meat, sushi. If you like it you must try it Yo Sushi in the Piazza Cavour area. If you love fish al Fish in love you will find what you want, an intimate and romantic environment, too, but with lots of fish and fresh, so as to entice even friends and families in the face of romance! Another great place to eat fish is to go to Da Lele Restaurant, on the beach, about 80 lifeguard area, open all year round and known by the Rimini people. If you want to eat Romagna and spend the right amount, try it Vite, the restaurant of San PatrignanoBut be careful, you can only come here if you have a car.

    Where to eat pizza in Rimini even gluten-free?
    Celiacs in Rimini can try gluten-free pizza From Biagio. The pizzeria is also a restaurant and is located in the Vecchia Fiera area. For a pizza, with gluten though, try the one de The Compass, in the historic center, very good even if a little expensive compared to normal pizzas.

    Where to have breakfast in Rimini?

    The brioches found in Rimini are not found in all cities of Italy, I guarantee you. That's why I recommend a breakfast for every morning, even more than one, at the Belle Epoque without a doubt and to the Casa del Dolce, if you really want to exaggerate, go to Rinaldini.

    How to have fun in Rimini?
    Rimini is the city of fun, do you have doubts? Here in the summer and winter the entertainment changes a lot. In the summer, low cost entertainment is undoubtedly in the area port area where between the Ferris wheel and the famous Rock Island in the summer the evenings never end, indeed it seems to be in Coney Island. However, the wheel disappears in October and between October and November all the entertainment moves to the historic center in the Vecchia Pescheria among the famous Cantinette. Here in a few square meters there are at least 8 pubs, all close together. The kids get together on Wednesday nights, Fridays and Saturdays to have a beer, do party and get together. A place that I recommend is From Iole, excellent for high-class aperitifs also recommended by the Gambero Rosso Bar D'Italia in a spartan place with affordable prices.

    What are the clubs for the summer?
    In summer it is undoubtedly a must to try the Kiosko for an aperitif, the Barrumba for dinner or evening and the Creperie Garden because the nights here never end. If you want to go dancing, Rock Island has free admission and is located in the harbor area. If you want to eat something good go to Rose and Crown, open all night and, among other things, the first pub in Italy;)

    What are the places for the winter?
    In winter the sea area is completely closed, it is useless even to take a tour hoping there is something open. You can only go to the sea in Rimini if ​​you are a little melancholy, but don't hope to find some local. In the area of ​​the Old Fish Market there are many clubs, like it Yerbabuena which is a must for the aperitif for the abundance of cold pasta and snacks, while From Spazi for a more classy aperitif with a wide choice of wines and cocktails.

    Where to sleep in Rimini?
    Sleeping in Rimini is not easy. I can recommend the Piccadilly Residence which has a sea view and is located in front of the beach establishment number 40 or the beautiful DuoMo Hotel which is located in the historic center, this is not exactly low cost. The flaw of Rimini from this point of view is that it has many mid-range facilities. Or try to take a look at the 5 hotels where to sleep in Rimini.

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