Procacci in Florence: a record break

Procacci is many things: a symbol of Firenze, a temple of Tuscany, a luxury place, but it is certainly not a cheap place, at least not in the sense that you mean if you are looking for a place to go out with a full stomach and wallets.

But if, on the other hand, you want to taste, with your eyes rather than your palate, the beauty and tradition of a historic restaurant, opened from 1885 to 46 in via Tornabuoni branches also in Vienna and Singapore, This is the right place.

Do not be intimidated by the class that this "delicatessen shop" emanates from the glass door of the entrance, enter and head towards the dark wood counter from which many specialties peek out, but the mythical sandwiches, You will not regret it. The prices of these "two bite" wonders go up by 1 2 in euros each, cost all in all justified considering the place, the elegance of the service and the quality of the ingredients generously distributed in the sandwiches. Absolutely try the ones filled with truffle sauce, for which Procacci is famous and which are also mentioned in the sign, but no less are the sandwiches with butter, rocket and salmon or those with brie, strawberry jam and balsamic vinegar.

A paradise. You can taste these masterpieces accompanied by a glass of wine, (also good combination of tonic water) comfortably seated in the wooden and leather armchairs next to the marble-topped tables next to the counter. Relax surrounded by shelves of wine bottles that touch the ceiling, for those who want to, you can buy many truffle specialties, but I bet the prices will hurt just looking at them.

The restaurant is rather small and to avoid the crowds and be able to sit, it is good to go a little before the opening time (around noon) or mid-afternoon. Maybe in the end you will leave the place with 8,10 euros less in your wallet, the cost of a mixed saucer and a tasting by the glass, and still a little hunger, but a break at Procacci is like giving yourself a small gift: it's good for moral and spirit. Not bad if you then leave there to enter the bakery. Going to Procacci is one of the unmissable things to do (and redo) in Florence.

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