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    Pizzeria La cisterna in Portoferraio

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    Aina Prat Blasi

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    Pizzeria La Cisterna is the place where I went to eat during my stay in Elba, very nice, but above all excellent. The restaurant is located just below the Theater of the Vigilanti of Portoferraio, a very famous theater among the inhabitants and La Cisterna often welcomes the musicians and the artists after their performances.

    The local has several places inside, in the veranda at the entrance and some also behind, in a courtyard next to it, very suggestive from which, if you go towards the sea, you can see a ledge on which a cat :O

    Here we eat pizza, salad, appetizers such as croutons and even fish. The dishes are not many but what I tasted was excellent. Pizza thin and crunchy, fast service and very nice staff. Among the desserts panna cotta and Portuguese cream also, delicious. All this, including drinks on € 10, is really not bad.

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