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    Park Guell: a place to return.

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    Aina Prat Blasi

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    Lonely Planet they allowed me to win this contest was taken during my summer 2011 Spanish trip, in what I call the oblique tunnel of Park Guell, public park and then ad free entry of the Catalan capital, the work of the architect Antoni Gaudì.

    When I and Fabrizio, author of the photo, we come here, the first thing we notice besides the columns and the oblique shapes are these stone balconies on the sloping wall that tempt you to get stuck inside for a photo. Et voilà, we are also lucky that none of the many tourists present pass by at that moment: and while he clicks and you are now part of the geometry of the place, you feel that this will be one of those moments that you will remember best once you get home. To come in in contact with art, with that genius that was Gaudi, and then get lost in that wonder of narrow streets along the hill, climbing up to the top of the lookout and then back down to the terrace with its wavy benches decorated with mosaics.

    From there the view is wonderful: raise your hand who has not come up with the story of Hänsel and Gretel looking at the two houses at the entrance to the park. This is without a doubt my favorite corner of Barcelona. I promised myself to return to this city, and I will return to Park Guell at sunset: both for the light, which unfortunately on this occasion in the photographs was very strong given the time, and for the dream atmosphere that I'm sure it has this place as evening falls.

    If you have in mind an escape to Barcelona, to reach Park Guell I recommend you to get on Turistíc bus, which with its three lines allows you to move without losing the best gems that the city of Gaudì has to offer. Otherwise, the other most convenient way is definitely there subway, which in less than half an hour takes you from the city center to the hilly area where the park is located.

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