Parco delle Dolomiti Bellunesi: 3 trekking routes in Belluno

In Veneto, in the Belluno Dolomites Park, we have discovered three enchanting trekking routes, to be done during a day trip in the Belluno area.

During the blog tour that took me a week to discover the Veneto, I visited the first section of the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites, and in particular three places of absolute beauty that offer the best of themselves in the month of October, when the waters of the lake leave the passages free to reach these corners of unspoiled nature.

After a refreshing breakfast at the Locanda alla Stazione we moved towards Sospirolo, also in the province of Belluno; along the way we allowed ourselves a stop to admire the fantastic colors of the artificial lake of Mis, surrounded by the Monti del Sole. We are a few hundred meters above sea level but the landscape is already mountainous, like a postcard!

From here we moved into the Parco delle Dolomiti Bellunesi, where, after a short uphill stretch through the green of the woods, we reached the Cadini del Brenton: a succession of limpid waterfalls that are thrown into 15 rocky cavities, which take their name from the dialect word 'brent' which indicates an impetuous stream.

In the specialized language we speak of 'evorsion pots in Val del Mis': I would add only that it is a true spectacle of nature, capable of surprising us every time and of creating places of amazing perfection; a constant and continuous work of water that over the years gives always different shapes and colors.

Through a steep staircase, made particularly slimy due to the rain the day before (be careful!), We descend to the base of the Cadini, where a series of wooden bridges allow you to have a different perspective on the falls and the surrounding landscape.

From here we move back to Lake Mis to reach the Soffia waterfall, created by the Soffia torrent, in a jump of over 10 meters. To reach it we enter a path carved into the rocks, where the water takes on shades of color that take your breath away. The most exciting moment is certainly the one in which, two by two, we enter the final cave and the silence is broken by the powerful jet of water from the waterfall: a unique glimpse, really difficult to make in a photo but well imprinted in my mind. A corner not to be missed!

Last stop of the day was the Brent de l'Art, a canyon carved by the Ardo stream, from which it takes its name. A walk of about 20 minutes, downhill, allows us to reach this authentic natural paradise, the result of millennia-long work, capable of creating a series of layers of rock, between white and pink, dating back to different eras and geological phases .

This is certainly the most challenging trekking route, but the effort will be rewarded once again by unique moments in contact with nature, its power and its infinite creativity.

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