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    Oktoberfest, live the party low cost

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    If you decide to spend a weekend atOktoberfest, know that your stay will not be entirely cheap. THE mugs of beer they cost no less than 10 € and even if the mug is a liter, a full day at Oktoberfest can only cost you 10 to 40 € of beer, depending on your usual consumption.

    The beauty of Monaco in this festival is that the entrance is absolutely free as well as the entrance to the tents where the beer is served. Every stand you only need one brand of German beer, and to consume it you need to be strictly seatedotherwise they will not even speak to you to serve you. The positive side of the party is that you will meet many people, young and old, in typical Bavarian clothing or tourists with Oktobefest designer sweaters and hats, but that's the beauty of this great party.

    Within this great land of toys you will find everything you need: the prezel, the typical German bread and many other traditional dishes that you can enjoy while drinking your mug of beer. Also in this case the prices are not entirely cheap, we are talking about € 7 for a pretzel up to € 15/20 for a full meal. The problem does not arise if you are already on the third beer.

    What you can buy, drink and eat inside the party has precise prices and you will have no choice, while to save you can opt for one cheap accommodation or a less expensive means of transport.

    In Munich the hostels there are many and even more have been born in recent years precisely for the business that produces this party. Be wary of hotels instead that double their prices in the two hot weeks. A tip for getting around Munich without problems is the Welcome Card which entitles you to the use of all means of transport in Munich and a 50% reduction in the admission ticket to museums. To know where to stay in Munich during Oktoberfest, read mine experience here.

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