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    Oktoberfest at 88 €, here's how I did it

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    I have already been once toOktoberfest, some time ago and mistakenly I had bought the train tickets a few days before leaving. This year, however, I surpassed myself and here's how I got to go (and come back to Oktoberfest) with only 88 €.

    The theory that the earlier you buy the less you spend is not contradicted, there is nothing to do, especially with the means and with Trenitalia. So, on a hot July afternoon, I found myself queuing at the ticket office of Rimini station to take the tickets to Munich.

    I had even passed a couple of weeks before and the final figure was 58 € Rome - Munich round trip all included. Unfortunately this time too I delayed a little too much and I had to add 30 € more than what I had set. Never mind, how much do people spend buying a ticket a few days before departure? A lot. Is it possible to save? Yes, by acting promptly.

    As regards the sleep I will entrust myself in all respects to BlinkBooking, an app that allows you to choose between 4 hotel everyday. Only 4 because they are among the highly selected by BlinkBooking. But I'll tell you about this app on my return;)

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