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    New Year's trip to Paris, some tips

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    How to make a Low cost New Year's Eve in Paris, one of the most expensive cities in Europe? In fact, the answer is not very simple and involves many small tricks and precautions that even the most meticulous of low cost travelers may seem complicated.

    First decide the means to start with. It is necessary to move immediately to book everything, flight or train, while if you decide to go by car or camper it is okay as long as you book, in the case of the car, the hotel will soon be too.

    I flights cheaper are always those of Ryanair if booked in advance and Easyjet. Also for the train there are good discounts, but you have to find them and on New Year's dates the seats are usually very full, so you risk getting 10 hours of uncomfortable travel that you can save by plane. And if it is the last resort, you just have to settle for it.

    As for accommodation, opt for the hostels, they are definitely more comfortable, cheaper and some much more fun and colorful, they even offer breakfast. Among my favorites theOpps, But also the Montclair Hostel or l 'Absolute Hotel, noteworthy for their freshness and value for money.

    For museums you can do a la carte Musees et Monuments, a ticket valid for one day costs 18 €, 3 days 36 € or 5 days 54 € which allows you to enter for free in more than 70 museums and monuments and to avoid, even more importantly on holidays, the long things at the entrances . While for transport I recommend the Orange card, the most complete of the maps for the Paris vehicles.

    Finally, if you do not want to make cards, remember that almost all museums are free for children under 18, while they offer good discounts for minor 26 years, but it is almost impossible to cheat because they want to see the identity card.

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