New Year's Eve in the Canary Islands

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Undecided about the New Year? Read the post to know how to orient yourself on the many possibilities that the splendid Canary Islands offer.

New Year is approaching and you have very few ideas?
Does the thought of organizing something last with friends and family terrify you?
Splurge, book a flight and leave for the Canary Islands!

There you can enjoy theoceano and celebrate New Year's Eve on the beach!

But how to choose the best island?

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the most popular destinations of the Canary Islands.

The best place to celebrate New Years Eve is definitely Playa del Ingles, where, usually, there are fireworks and many events!

If unbridled fun is what you are looking for, I don't think this is the right island for you, but if you are more interested in nature and you just need to celebrate a little, I would say it is the right place.


If you are looking for more fun, I would say that Tenerife is the island for you!

To find it, just go to Playa de Las Americas; here you can attend performances by international DJs in some discotheque or simply enjoy a nice dinner in one of the many restaurants.

There are so many clubs and fun never fails, especially on the last night of the year.

The north part is much quieter, suitable for those who just want to immerse themselves in the beauty of the landscapes.


A Lanzarote the best place to celebrate new year is definitely Reef, where all the people take to the streets and it is celebrated with dances and musical performances.

Nice to celebrate it too Puerto del Carmen, where, every year, there are fireworks.


A Fuerteventura the New Year is celebrated on the street and in the various clubs, especially in Jandia e Puerto Del Rosario.

There is no shortage of shows, fireworks and fun here, obviously more moderate than in Tenerife.

For example, I would definitely choose the desert beauty of Fuerteventura, even if the climate is usually not very hot and swimming in the ocean you will hardly be able to do it, apart from rare cases!

Well, what are you waiting for?

Hurry to book your holiday in these beautiful islands!

I assure you it will be an unforgettable New Year!

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