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    Neuschwanstein Castle: I do not recommend it

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    A visit that is considered a must for anyone passing by Bavaria and the Neuschwanstein Castle (translatable into the new swan stone), a former princely and Disney residence (vaguely reminiscent of the Fishermen's Bastion in Budapest) of Ludwig II of Bavaria, said, amicably, the madman, so much so as to be declared mentally unhealthy and forcibly locked up in his castle. But for the story, refer to the delicious and useless paper guides that you can buy in the shops near the castle.

    Therefore, although the visit is recommended from everyone, I do not recommend it warmly. That is, the most interesting thing to do is turn to Fussen or even around the castle: breathtaking views, truly fairy-tale landscapes, almost untouched nature. Unfortunately the Castle is a disappointment scorching. The ticket costs 12 € (yes, twelve.). After having done, depending on the day, from 30 to 90 minutes in a row to enter, the "visit" can finally begin.

    A guide, (compulsory and included in the ticket) illustrates (in German or English) the life of Ludovico, and provides some details on the castle, while visiting the rooms accessible to the public. The total duration is 25 30-minute. Yes, exactly: 12 euros for a 30-minute visit. I therefore tend to advise against it strongly, unless you are a fan of castles. Or crazy, like Ludwig II ;-)

    Practical info. Ticket cost: 12 euro.How to reach us: from Munich there is a regional train which takes 2 hours to get to Füssen. Absolutely go with the Bayern Ticket, which will allow you to make a return trip up to 5 people for only 29 euros in total. Once you arrive in Füssen you have to take (from the station) a bus that will take you to the foot of the slope that leads to the Castle: also the bus ticket is included in the Bayern Ticket.

    To see: everything except the Castle. Fussen it is pleasant, and in any case, the whole area around the Castle is really nice and suitable for a walk. From the Marienbrücke bridge, for example, you can admire the Bavarian Alps: a show. Next to the station there is a bar where you can drink half a liter of beer for 3 euros.

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