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    Mini guide of the Azores, what to see in 10 days

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    A 10-day trip to the Azores, how to organize it, how to get there and which flights to take, which islands not to miss, the beaches, where to sleep and what to do in Portugal.

    A holiday at Azores it is ideal for those who do not want to take a holiday in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, while remaining in Europe. Yes, because the Azores are part of Portugal and getting there, even if they seem extremely distant, is not difficult even if once on the islands it feels as if you were in the Caribbean.

    How to reach us

    Getting to the Azores is not difficult, it just takes a few hours and at least one change. In fact, all planes stop in Lisbon and from there continue to Terceira or Sao Miguel with the company of the SATA islands, which will allow you to also move between the 9 islands of the Azores.

    Personally I took a Tap Portugal flight that from Italy and precisely from Rome took me to Lisbon and from here after a few hours of waiting, I took a SATA flight to arrive directly on the island of Terceira. The journey is quite tiring, even if on board the two flights you will find every kind of comfort to lighten the journey and then, between us, the effort is worth the effort and you will discover it once you arrive in the Azores.

    Which Islands to see

    I could easily answer all 9! Each island has its own peculiarity and even if in 10 days you will visit only two, as it happened to me, or three at the most to not go too fast, you will always be interested in returning to see the others. For example, I am still thinking of returning to see the island of Pico, entirely a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004, where the third largest volcano in the Atlantic is located and where the cultivation of the vine is considered almost heroic for its harsh and difficult terrain.


    I visited the island of Terceira for a few days which, I must admit, impressed me a lot. The island reminded me of the Caribbean for its colorful houses, the good humor of the people who live here, for the beautiful tour that I was able to do in two days with the local guide who accompanied me far and wide to see Terceira. I recommend that you dedicate at least 2 days in Terceira, with fewer days you will see nothing ... sure if you can afford to stay even 15 or 20 days in the Azores, even better.

    Sao Miguel

    Sao Miguel is wonderful, it is certainly the largest and most important island of the Azores and also the one that allows many excursions, trekking, and itineraries if you are looking for a tour to discover the beauties of the island. Sao Miguel has a selling point that is found in the city of Ponta Delgada, a city worth visiting if only for its restaurants and cafes. In Sao Miguel there is also a very interesting spa, where, if you are a lover of spas and treatments, I recommend you to stay.

    In all in Sao Miguel I would not stay less than 3 or 4 days, but if you really have the tight deadline, here is everything you need to see in two days in Sao Miguel in my opinion.

    What to eat

    Those like me who love to travel also to discover the tastes and flavors of the traditions of a place, will find bread for their teeth in the Azores. A visit to Sao Miguel should not be missed pineapple crops and the only one tea cultivation that exists in Europe, but not only. In the nine islands of the Azores you can taste typical specialties that vary from island to island and for which, once home you will want to go back!

    In Terceira I strongly recommend you try an experience a Quinta do Martelo and Beira Mar for the fish. In Sao Miguel, on the other hand, I advise you not to miss a meal in Alcides Restaurant in Ponta Delgada. For those who want to try something really typical, in Furnas, the restaurant is also in Sao Miguel Tony's where to eat cozido das furnas, a local specialty.

    Many other specialties and places to eat can be found in What to eat typical in the Azores.

    Getting around

    To move from one island to another, as we have already said, the SATA company is the best solution, but to move within an island the optimal solution is to take a rent a car, directly at the airport, where it will then be returned at the end of the journey. Going to the Azores without taking a rental car is quite complicated, because to get even just to your hotel, make excursions or even head to the chosen restaurants in the evening, it is an undertaking without your own vehicle.

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