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THEwater of Milan it is among the best in Italy. If you don't trust it, check the data of Metropolitana Milanese, the company that manages and controls the city's water network since 2003. The Milanese water arrives in our taps from the deepest aquifer, fed by the waters that descend downstream from the Prealps. Over 2300 km of pipes, 28 power plants and 400 wells bring home water that is checked every 2 weeks by the water service managers and approved by the ASL every month. The water distributed is subjected to 190.000 analyzes for the control of chemical, chemical-physical and microbiological parameters. And if you don't have enough, you can always check the one that arrives at home, by entering your address on Milan blue, the new portal of the institutional website of Metropolitana Milanese. Do you want to put the cost of the bottles in the supermarket, the effort of having to carry them home and with the amount of plastic that is produced?

Even when you are out and about, the classic purchase of a 1/2 euro bottle of water can be easily avoided, especially in the center, since there are 497 fountains in the city, (you can find them on this map elaborated by the site or "vedovelle": They are in cast iron, green in color and designed in 1931. The fact that they do not have a tap could wrongly suggest that water is wasted. In reality, through the sewer, it reaches the purifiers in Milan and is used by farms to irrigate the fields south of the city.

Their number is continuously updated, and if you have a widow to report you can contribute to the mapping by reporting it. From 1 March 2013 the widowers of the city were joined by the most technological "Water houses". They are gods distributors, financed by the Municipality with a regional contribution and created by Metropolitana Milanese, which offer free still or sparkling water, just bring the regional health card (not only Lombard, that of all regions is fine). By inserting it into the machine you are entitled to 6 free liters per day per person. Six water houses are currently in operation: you can find them in the Formentano park - Largo Marinai d'Italia, Chiesa Rossa park - via Chiesa Rossa, via Giovanni Battista Morgagni, Nicolò Savarino park - via Livigno, Cassina de 'Pomm garden - via Zuretti, garden in via Lessona.

To these are added the two installed in October 2013 a Palazzo Marino and at the headquarters of the board groups in via Marino. And hopefully they are not the last. For information, curiosities, tips to avoid waste and pollution go to the website. For the more curious, on the site you can also book a free visit to the power plants and purifiers.

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