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    Megabus in Italy: travel by coach for € 1,50

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    Travel in Italy with Megabus, the buses that make you travel for only € 1.50, read all the news in the post.

    Traveling by bus has never been so cheap: Megabus has finally arrived in Italy!

    To explain well what it is, however, I have to start from the beginning, Megabus first of all is a company that offers travel by super low cost bus throughout Europe and North America. Founded in 2003 in the United Kingdom, over the years it has become the market leader in its sector, for some years it can also be found in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, France, USA and Canada and now also in Italy.

    At the moment the service is only internal to the various countries, in fact there are no international connections. For now we have 13 cities available: Torino, Milan, Verona, Padua, Venezia, Bologna, Genoa, La Spezia (Sarzana), Pisa, Firenze, Siena, Rome and Naples; as has just happened in Germany, however, it is possible that further stops will be added in the future. The start date of the activity in Italy will be 24 of June, so starting next week it will be possible to travel with Megabus.

    The prices are really incredible, starting from € 1,50 (1 € of actual cost and 50 cents of purchase expense), even on longer routes, and usually they get up the closer you get to the date in question. Some routes turn out to be really long: a Naples - Milan trip takes more than 12 hours, so only the most fearless will end up choosing this solution in order to spend as little as possible; it is much more comfortable on less demanding and shorter routes, which allow you to sacrifice a few more half hours of travel while managing to significantly save on the full price or on the train alternative.

    Each passenger can carry suitcases for a maximum total 25 kg and with a maximum size of 200 cm (sum of height + width + depth) to put in the trunk, to which you can add a small bag to carry on board. On each medium, they are available wi-fi, toilets, power sockets and air conditioning: everything you need to travel well and also be able to use your pc and smartphone without worries.

    In the past, I used Megabus during a trip to Scotland, for an internal route to reach Edinburgh from a small town. For a two and a half hour trip that at full price costs around € 30, we only spent € 7 each… and only because we couldn't book before! I remember a travel quiet, comfortable and punctual, with a friendly and helpful driver.

    At the moment reservations in Italy can be made Online only, but seeing how the situation is for other countries it is likely that in the future the possibility to do it over the phone will also be added. As we are used to doing for everything you will receive an email with the ticket and just give the driver the booking code once on the bus.

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