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The new McDonald's Italia sandwiches in limited edition for Expo. There are four of them and we have previewed them for you and recommend them to you.

We had the pleasure of previewing the new ones McDonald's sandwiches Italy studied for the period of Expo 2015. They will all be in limited edition, except the vegetarian sandwich which will remain permanently in the assortment of the famous fast food chain.

The Cook, Paola Bogataj, told us how he studies and manufactures products, drawing on traditions from other countries, but revisiting and adapting them to meet the taste of Italian customers. So from global to local, with an eye on the world but also on our culinary and cultural tradition. We have discovered that in McDonald's there is much more attention to the preparation, research, quality of the products, selected and strictly controlled, than you might think.

These new products are four and they will come out staggered.

Since 20 May it will be possible to taste the first McDonald's vegetarian sandwich: the McVeggie. It is inspired by Indian tradition and I can assure you that it tastes much better than a burger enthusiast might think. The ingredients of the vegetable burger are: broccoli, carrots, corn, spinach, peas, cheese and the sandwich is enriched with smoked cheese, tomato, rocket, pesto sauce.

Another novelty in Italy is the arrival of the sandwich McAngus, made with fine beef whose recipe draws on the Argentine tradition, where this type of product is widespread and appreciated. There will be two sandwiches, the McAngus Bacon, in distribution from May 20 to June 10, and the McAngus Supreme, from 10 to 30 June.

The first is richer in ingredients, with crispy bacon, melted cheese, tomato, the tasty barbecue sauce, salad and crispy onions. The second simpler with provolone, tomato salad, without sauce for lovers of the less seasoned diet.

Another important novelty, to be enjoyed from 10 to 30 June in all Italian McDonald's, is the McLobster, different both for the type of sandwich, the elongated hot dog type, and for the ingredients. The Canadian lobster also comes to us prepared according to the Catalan recipe with citronette, cherry tomatoes and onion, to which lemon and songino sauce is added.

Tasting this sandwich inevitably leads to thinking about rocky shores of North America, the waves and the cold of the ocean, the lighthouses and fishing boats that arrive at the port and allow you to taste the freshly caught fish. Not surprisingly, this is the most requested sandwich at McDonald's in Canada.

All these new products are in tune with the Expo spirit: the desire to discover the world also through food and gastronomic habits and bring us traditions, products and recipes from many distant and little-known countries.

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