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Beautiful beaches, breathtaking views and lots of clubs: get ready to write down five tips for a dream tour in Malibu, near Los Angeles.

Malibu is located along the Pacific Coast Highway, a few miles from Los Angeles, and is the city known for its dream homes along the beach. In fact, many Hollywood stars and celebrities live in this area, carving out their privacy where the mountains meet the sea.

How to reach Malibu

It may seem an exclusive place but there are many tourists who visit the beaches and places of interest in the area, also being a university city it is very popular with young people.
From Venice Beach - where I was staying - it can be reached with the bus covering an hour and twenty of the journey and there are many stops in the city center from where you can easily walk to the beach.
It is much simpler and more comfortable in the car as it is only forty minutes away.

1. A visit to the Malibu Colony Plaza

As Malibu stretches over 27 miles along the coast, there are various centers with homes, shops and restaurants.
Coming from Santa Monica, the first you will find is the Malibu Colony Plaza, near an inhabited area; a stop from Starbucks for breakfast is a must!
I recommend visiting the beach of Malibu Lagoon State Beach, a few minutes walk from the Malibu Colony Plaza - quiet and relaxing where you can enjoy the sun - and the Malibu Pier where you will find yourself immersed in the typical Californian scenery stopping at Malibu Farm Pier Cafe exactly above the pier.

2. The panorama of the Pacif Coast Highway

If you have the opportunity to travel by car, you can continue from Malibu Lagoon State Beach along the Pacif Coast Highway and enjoy the panorama of the Californian coast with the lush beach houses.
Along the way there is Paradise Cove, an equipped beach, perfect for those who want to try the famous Californian sport: surfing.

3. Point Dume: the highest promontory of Malibu

You can continue by car and arrive at the highest promontory of Malibu, Point Dume, where it awaits you a great view of the beach below.

4. El Matador State Beach: the panorama of Malibu

Another beach to visit is El Matador State Beach, not far from Point Dume: one of the unique and unmissable beaches on the West coast.
You will be immersed in nature that offers a panorama rich in long stretches of sand, sea caves and massive rocks.
This beach is very often a place for photographic sets and unmissable sunsets.
There's a large parking lot where you can stay an hour for three dollars, or you can park for free along the road and through a path to reach the beach directly.

My advice is to stop until sunset, where you can witness a breathtaking view as the sun goes down, the ocean calms down and the shadow of the hills invades the beach.

5. A visit to Pepperdine University

Halfway between Point Dume and Malibu Lagoon State Beach, there is Pepperdine University, a typical American college that can be easily visited and a small center with many restaurants and bars: the Malibu County Mart.
For dinner you can choose one of the restaurants: Il Marmelade Cafe Malibu it is very popular, has a varied menu, not too expensive, and the food is excellent: I recommend fish and chips.

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