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    "Made in Italy" is staged in Bellaria

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    Aina Prat Blasi

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    I discovered it by chance, as a good foreigner in her house, and I said to myself: “Why not? Once in a while it can be done! " And so here I am talking about my country, Bellaria, and to be precise the neighborhood that has seen me grow. At the canal port, Bellaria side, every Thursday evening from To 19 23 Italian Style is served.

    Un flea market created in collaboration with Confcommercio and Confesercenti which will animate the port until 13 September, offering quality products exclusively made in Italy.

    From clothes, to shoes and accessories, up to handicraft and gastronomic products: in a period in which the low cost product is the most popular, the bellariese initiative is part of a project that aims at the redevelopment of the territory, both nationally and locally.

    And if you like shopping with a full stomach, my advice is to stop in the excellent and characteristic wooden restaurant La Baracca, Osteria del Mare. Fish at will in an original structure: just think that the restaurant was built entirely by hand by the old owner, a carpenter in winter, who in summer managed the restaurant with his wife and daughters since 1959, when it was nothing more than a small "shack" on the Uso river.

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