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    Low cost pizza in Prato, at Arteo

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    If you don't feel like spending crazy for one good pizza and to eat in a nice place near Prato, Arteo it's the place for you. Just adjacent to Piazza San Marco, very recognizable for the statue of Moore which has become a symbol of the city, the restaurant remains hidden in a secondary alley, via Fra Bartolomeo. Parking is not easy, but with a little patience and luck you can also hope for a place nearby.

    The restaurant retains references to the past in the ceilings and arches, while exhibiting a good taste for very modern pieces of furniture. The menu is rich, but here is the real surprise: on summer evenings you can eat a margherita for € 1 and if you are more greedy, a stuffed pizza costs € 3. I still recommend i desserts: the price is about € 4, but they are really, really good!

    A good place, both for large dinners and for dates for two. There reservation is a must: Arteo has been stormed lately!

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