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Weekend in London useful tips and information

In this travel story I will provide some useful tips for those who intend to visit the beautiful city of London in a few days.

So let's start this unmissable journey together.

First of all it is important to choose the hotel, which must be central to the destinations we intend to visit and must have a good quality / price ratio.

Personally, after a thorough search on the web, I was lucky enough to find a good one offering (with about € 60 I booked on the fly a double room for 2 people with breakfast in a fairly central place and in any case close to the bus stop).

London where to eat, restaurants and clubs

Everyone says that "the food is bad in London", and this is certainly a cliché.

In fact, a London as well as in other European capitals you can find some of the best restaurants in the world.

And here, however, the real problem arises: the limited budget available.

London in 7 days: what to see, what to do and tips to save

So, for those who have visited London (like me, for a dozen times) it is easy to be able to suggest useful remedies to escape McDonalds, hamburgers, the usual pizzas and various crap.

How? Simply suggesting you great cheap restaurants in London.

Then I definitely recommend taking a tour of the unmissable indian restaurant chowki located in Denman Street n ° 2, to which I recommend booking at least half a day in advance (Tel: 020 7439 1330), it offers a wide range of Indian specialties and I can assure you that everything is very good.

Other restaurant which I always recommend, even to my friends is the Little Max, a restaurant offering customers exquisite French and English dishes, located on Chatfield Road at No. 14, Battersea Reach, (Tel: 020 7223 0999). It is unmissable, trust me.

And finally, for lovers of restaurant chines I recommend not to miss the Royal China, sito in Queensway al n°13.

Personally I have never tasted the "real" Chinese dishes as in this magnificent restaurant, cared for, among other things, in the smallest details.

Also for this I leave the phone number, because they are usually the most popular restaurants in London (Tel: 020 7221 2535).

This is what concerns my recommendations on restaurants, in my opinion, the cheapest but at the same time more "good" in London.

But now let's move on to another piece of advice, which concerns the phase of the fateful aperitif.

Without a doubt, for those who visit London it is a must to have an aperitif at London Bistrotheque .

For those on a tight budget, you can easily have an aperitif in his Napoleon Bar.

For those on a bigger budget, I also recommend stopping for something to eat, whether it's a brunch whether it be of cenare.

Another original idea would be to stop there to enjoy one cabaret show (I have had the opportunity and I tell you that it is really fun!).

Il Bistrotheque, in truth, it was obtained from what was an industrial building, but today it appears completely modernized, it conveys a warm atmosphere. Advice on PLACES

London work experience and study holiday

London what to do and places to visit

All tourists visiting for the first time London they set about, as usual, to head towards the most famous monuments of the city.

This means that we leave out the fantastic places that, in my opinion, must be visited, experienced.

London Eye

That said it might seem like a pure and simple moment of fun, but in fact spending a single minute suspended in the air on London it makes you feel very strong emotions that cannot but be felt.

You can grasp the immensity of the city, the smells, the colors ... everything.

In short, I recommend the panoramic tour, do not miss it absolutely.

The large Ferris wheel, the London Eye, is located in the central area of ​​the British capital, near the Big Ben and Parliament, and therefore it is easily accessible, also because it is served by three stops (Waterloo, Westminster and Embankment) of the London underground.

The first flight on the London Eye leaves at 10:00 in the morning and the last at 20:00 and from June to September until 21:00.

The full ticket costs 22 euros, but if in addition to the view of London you also want to savor your glass of champagne, you will pay 45 euros (recommended for those who have a "large" budget.

Portobello Road Market

It's probably not the biggest antiques market in the world, but it's definitely worth going for those in London, and not just on Saturdays which are market days.

If you are hoping to do some business, as in any self-respecting market, it is advisable to arrive very early in the morning; the opening is set at 8.00 (keep this in mind!).

To guarantee buyers, the antique dealers in the area have formed an association: PADA (Portobello Antiques Dealers Association) which guarantees safe purchases in the shops and stalls that display their brand.

If you are interested in knowing the most transgressive London clubs, read the LONDON LOCAL GUIDE WHERE TO HAVE FUN.

If you are looking for clubs and pubs, and perhaps restaurants or bars where you can have breakfast in London, I recommend reading the GUIDE TO LONDON'S PUBS AND LOCALS.

If you are looking for advice on places to visit or advice on choosing a hotel, flight, means of transport and so on, do not miss the GUIDE TO THE MAGNIFICENT CITY OF LONDON.

Photo gallery London

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