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    London Stansted Airport to Liverpool Street for £ 6

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    Preparing a low cost trip to London I realized how different the costs from London Stansted Airport to Liverpool Street Station are different. On the surface it would be tempting to take it Stansted Express, not in first class, but in second class, with a cost of 32 pounds one way and £ 23 when booking a round trip. The ride takes about 40 minutes.

    If you have a plane very early in the morning, however, this is not the most comfortable because the first ride is around 4.10, you would arrive around 5 in the morning and if you have a plane at 6, well you have to hope that nothing goes wrong. In conclusion, you have to love the risk a little.

    The most sensible choice at this point would seem to take a taxi to travel so early, I would say late at night. The taxi for the same route asks about 112 pounds, price found online, so it could be more or less that. I usually tend to consider "more". I would say very expensive for a low cost holiday.

    The last and most convenient means of transport is the bus. There are many but I prefer the Terravision, if you book online you save and so I go to see. Same route I get £ 6 one way and £ 8 return, £ 14 in total for 50 minutes vaulted travel. Putting again the case that you have to take a plane at 6 in the morning there are also races at 3 in the morning so as to arrive at the airport calmly at 4 and prevent the anxiety of even the most anxious :)

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