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I London pubs there are so many, always very popular but pleasant.

The London pub is not just a bar, it is also a meeting place, in fact a London we do not meet in the square but at the pub.

What are the best pubs and clubs in London?

One of the oldest pubs in London is the "Lamb and Flag”, Some parts of this place date back to 1623.

It is located in the vicinity of Garrick Street, Metro stop Leicester Square.

If, on the other hand, you are nostalgic for pasta and are looking for a cheap pub, go to the "bar BRUNO Which is located on Wardour Street corner Peter Street: here you can delight in very abundant portions of pasta and also an excellent one eggs and bacon (the first course costs around 7 euros).

Then if you want pizza, try it too catena Pizza HUt, it's not bad, just don't choose the ketchup pizza, horrible.

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Here you can choose the Pizza Buffet at 7 euros, with which you eat as much as you want 4 or 5 types of different pizzas, and then paying a little more you can drink liters of coca o seven up.

The water, on the other hand, is not a buffet but is paid by the bottle.

Then, for lovers of fast food, in London you will find the KFC chain (Kentucky-Fried-Chicken).

I also liked going to Nando's where do the "Peri peri chicken“: It is chicken marinated for 24 hours in a semi-spicy sauce (peri peri) and then cooked on the flame, excellent.

There are several nando's in the city.

But I advise you not to miss the "fish and chips".

If you want to taste the famous fish and chips you should definitely go by THE ROCK AND SOLE PLAICE, 47 Endell Street zona Covent Garden.

It is truly the best.

For beer lovers, however, I recommend you go to the WAXY O’CoNNORS pub 3 floors in the area Piccadilly, Ruper Street (go to the site and see how wonderful!).

The floors of the pub are crossed by a large tree, what a sight.

Another interesting pub with great views over the Tower Bridge and the Liberty Bounds.

If you want to enjoy a "good jacket potato"Go to Piggy’s, site in 1 Air Street, off Regent Street.

For tea or the breakfast go to the "cripta di St Martin in the field“, Located in the area Trafalgar Square, it is a very characteristic place.

Also for breakfast I recommend going toOrangeryin Kensington Gardens, A beautiful place.

For those looking for more transgressive clubs, discos, nightclubs where to have fun, I recommend reading the LONDON LOCAL GUIDE.

For those who, on the other hand, are interested in LONDON RESTAURANTS and HOTELS or are interested in places to visit, I recommend reading other travel experiences in the section "Europe".

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