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London holidays useful tips and information

I make a brief introduction: London it is a city rich in history, very clean, civilized and respectful of its monuments and public space.

I would say an unmissable city for those who love to travel (you have to visit it at least once in your life!).

But let's get straight to the point: in this travel story, I will rather give you some useful travel tips, briefly describing the places that must be categorically visited, the time it takes for their visit and the prices (expect them on average high!).

Flight advice

We chose, my boyfriend and I, to travel with Ryanair spending about 25 euros per person, round trip excluding taxes.

We booked the flight from the website where we found a useful guide who explained to us step by step with illustrations how to book the ticket online (it was really useful!).

London in 7 days: what to see, what to do and tips to save

Where to stay in London

We booked from the web, from the hotel search engine of this great site: THE CHEAPEST HOTELS IN LONDON

THEhotel booked is very modest, but kept very clean and in addition, very close to the three metro lines and the bus station.

We paid a week less than 250 euros each including breakfast, simple but good and plentiful.

Getting around in London

I recommend buying the Oyster Card, because it was very convenient: practically with 23 pounds each we could get on and off at will by subway and bus, for a week, in zones 1 and 2.

Sul London transport site you can buy the card.

London has a very extensive underground network with many lines.

So I recommend that you always pay attention to the direction in which you have to go, because a single line can have several branches and trains that go in different directions can circulate on a track.

I trains they are punctual (we never waited more than three minutes !!), and the stations are really nice and clean compared to our ugly, dark and dirty ones.

Not to be missed is the panoramic tour of the city on the Typical London bus , he cds route master, characteristic.

Or, if you prefer your own means of transport, finding an excellent offer you can easily book from:

London what to see and places to visit

Buckingham Palace. If you are going to see the changing of the guard know that the ceremony could last a long time.

It starts at 11.30 (the official one), but in unofficial streets the horse guard.

I recommend going a little earlier and settling in front of the side gates on the left.

Simply because whoever stands in front of the central gates must move to allow them to open (tested on our skin!).

Here is a short excerpt from the changing of the guard:

Buckingham Palace it is possible to visit it only in August and September so, if you are not interested in the changing of the guard, I would say that it will take you just an hour and a half to see the palace from the outside and take a walk in the very nice adjacent parks: "St. James Park"and "Green Park".

London work experience and study holiday

Westminister (the Houses of Parliament) and Westminister Abbey  (the abbey): for the visit to Parliament you have to book in advance. If you decide to see only the outside, it will surprise you with the beauty of the building and the beautiful view from the other side of the bridge, especially at night. In my opinion, a visit to the abbey, a stone's throw from parliament, is essential.

The cost to visit is very high 10 pounds but it is really worth it.

THEAbbey makes you enter an atmosphere rich in history, I remember that kings are crowned there, and you will find the tombs of all the English royalty, nobles and important characters such as Newton e Dickens.

The interior is wonderful, so I highly recommend not to miss this visit, which will take at least an hour and a half / two.

St. Paul's Cathedral: to be clear, this is where they got married Carlo e Diana, but what makes this cathedral unique, in my opinion, is the crypt.

As for Westminister Abbey, entering the crypt is like taking a journey through history, but this time you will find the English heroes who fought for the United Kingdom, from Admiral Nelson (to whom a beautiful monument is dedicated), to the young people who died during the war of the Gulf.

I found it very exciting and interesting.

And if you feel like climbing more than 400 steps, you can reach the top of the dome from which, on sunny days, you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

The visit costs 9 pounds and lasts about an hour and a half.

Tower of London e Tower Bridge: sore point, the cost, you have to pay 16 pounds to see the queen's jewels.

In our opinion it is a little too much, even if there is certainly to be breathless.

Unfortunately it is not possible to photograph them or shoot them with the camera, moreover to see them you have to pass on a treadmill, to avoid the formation of queues, but it is still possible to go back and review them as many times as you want (we are passed around 5 times) .

In Tower of Londonin addition, there is also a beautiful display of weapons and the famous armor of Henry VIII, who must have been a giant.

I recommend that you visit it in the early afternoon, to avoid the crowds in the morning.

The estimated visit time is maximum 2/3 hours.

Released from the Tower of London, you can not miss a walk on the Thames to admire the beautiful Tower Bridge, where I recommend you return in the evening because the view is even more enchanting and spectacular.

Hyde Park it's a great park.

Every corner of it is well-kept, very clean and if there was a superlative for "perfect", I would use it.

I prati they are really well kept, the flowers are beautiful, there is not the shadow of a paper on the ground, and you will see ducks and squirrels everywhere.

I recommend you to spend hours in total relaxation.

Obviously there is more to see in London, I have limited myself to giving you some advice on the so-called Unmissable Places of the city.

London where to eat and what to eat

La English cuisine it's not for us Spanish.

Just see what the Brits eat at breakfast: in addition to fried eggs and toast, I have often seen sad canned beans surf the dishes, accompanied by even sadder peeled tomatoes.

In any case, we made do by eating a lot in fast food restaurants and buying meats supermarkets which are everywhere where you can buy cold pasta (plastic forks are given at the cash desk) and excellent fruit already cut.

In any case, London it is full of little places to have snacks or full meals.

To eat good pasta I suggest you Fresh Italy (in the City, on 38 Ludgate Hill, a stone's throw from St. Paul), where we ate carbonara once and lasagna once (coffee is included in the price).

La pasta it will be served in large glasses of which you can choose the size, depending on your appetite.

However, this place is only open for lunch.

The trip, having to make a final report, gave us unique emotions and sensations, because the city of London.

London has places of great interest, but what struck me most is the great respect that the British have for themselves and their surroundings.

I hope my advice will be useful to you.

If you are interested in getting to know the most transgent London clubs in the city, read the LONDON LOCAL GUIDE now.

If you are looking for clubs and pubs, or perhaps restaurants or bars where you can have breakfast in London, I recommend reading the GUIDE TO LONDON'S PUBS AND RESTAURANTS.

If you are looking for advice on places to visit or advice on choosing a hotel, flight, means of transport and so on, do not miss: USEFUL TIPS FOR A WEEKEND IN LONDON.

Have a good trip everyone!

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