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How to save money in London. A cheap London vacation, here are the secrets.

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How to save money in London tips, tricks and tips

We assume that London it is a somewhat expensive city but there are a few ways to try save at least quite a bit.

London cheap airlines

La best way to get to London is to travel with the British Airways which is really one airline company very efficient but compared to the others it is a little more expensive then the advice we give you is to fly with Irish companies such as Ryan Air or the SkyEurope which are much cheaper.

London in 7 days: what to see, what to do and tips to save

London how to move

Once you get to London, that's it Gatwich (British Airways always lands here), Luton, Stansted o Heatrow there are shuttle services consisting of trains o bus.

Il Gatewich express it leaves every 15 minutes from the north terminal and the single ticket is about 30 pounds with variations related to taxes etc. but if you are traveling in company, at least three of you, ask for the family discount and you will pay a third less for a single ticket.

In about half an hour you will be at Victoria Station or in the center of London.

We remind you that the airports of Stansted, Luton e Heatrow they are served by the same system using their own transport and if you are lucky to land in Luton, the airport offers a bus whose ticket is only 9 pounds but the journey takes about 1 hour and 30.

Just got to Victoria Station consider that you will have to move a lot for your vacation, you have to visit the places, so you shouldn't do the single ticket for buses and tube (subway), but it is worth buying the travel card (the purchasing office is just outside Victoria Station), through which, paying only 25 pounds, you will have uninterrupted access for 7 days to all buses and 14 underground lines. considering that you will mostly be in zone 1 (London is divided into 6 zones, but zone 1 is the one that everyone visits because it is richer in history).

La travel card every journey you make on the bus and both at the entrance and at the exit of the underground stations is marked electronically.

London cheap accommodation

Many hotels London zone 1 are very expensive, but local people know how to save money.

Choose the area that's a 10-minute walk from Hide Park: Paddington (note that those arriving in Heatrow can directly take a shuttle system that leads directly to Paddington) where many hotels are located at acceptable prices: a single at the Continental hotel is only 22 pounds a night, a triple only 100 pounds a night.

Da Paddington, at the bus station, with numbers 15 and 23 you will be immediately in a few minutes at Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly Circus e Trafalgar Square.

London work experience and study holiday

London where to eat on a budget

For the eat in London during the day we recommend the Mc Donald's or Burger Kings or make yourself some sandwiches while you go to a restaurant in the evening Italian restaurant (never take cannelloni and lasagna which are inedible).

Unfortunately i restaurant prices are a little expensive (meats from 10 pounds upwards, fish from 22 pounds; pasta in various ways from 7 to 15 pounds; pizza from 6 to 14 pounds; wine I do not recommend it as a bottle, take the single glass that costs 4 and a half pounds; cover charge is 10% of the amount; for example I order spaghetti + slice of meat + bottle of water = 10 + 13 + 1.5 + 3 = 27.5 pounds .. for having eaten what? ! hahahah).

For lunch instead if you go to the black coffee (chain present throughout London) you can eat sandwiches that are not bad when heated on the plate and cost from 3 to 5 pounds + a drink around 1 and a half pounds ... let's say an afternoon snack with a stop at the bar will be another 4 pounds.

We pull the weekly sums (in pounds sterling) excluding airfare money: single room in hotel = 22 * ​​7 = 154 (breakfast is included); train ticket to and from Gatwich (return) = approximately 60; weekly travel card zone 1 = 25; lunch and snack = 8 * 7 = 56; dinner at an Italian restaurant (first and second menu) = 30 * 7 = 210; total stay only (i.e. without visiting anything) = 505 pounds.

Now let's put the visits at least the essential ones: i museums in London they are all free, except someone like the soldiers museum in the tower complex which you pay 1 pound per ticket or that of Sherlock Holmes (Baker Street), Madame Tussaud's + 1 ride on the London eye = 35 pounds; tower complex = 17 pounds approx Saint Paul = Approximately 20 pounds; and I believe that in a week between museums and these 4 attractions it is not possible to do; the parks are free (the deck chairs around the lakes are not: you pay 2 pounds !!).

So considering this one week trip: 505 + 35 + 17 + 20 + 2 (the whim of sitting on the Deckerchair at least once near the lake make it psasare!) = 579.

Obviously the figure can be reduced if at the restaurant in the evening you only take a second or if you can tolerate hunger and not have afternoon snacks or doing a little hardship.

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