Lombardia spa weekend wellness ideas and advice

Lombardia spa weekend wellness ideas and advice to spend moments of absolute relaxation

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Lombardy advice on where to go, tips and information 

The most famous tourist resorts in Lombardy to spend a relaxing holiday are:

San Pellegrino Terme

San Pellegrino Terme it is 25 kilometers from Bergamo, has about 5.000 inhabitants and rises 358 meters above the sea level.

San Pellegrino Terme owes its fame to the therapeutic properties of the thermal waters, which flow there, known since 1200.

The properties ofSan Pellegrino water were already known since the Middle Ages: the natural mineral water of San Pellegrino Terme flows from three springs of identical composition, located one near the other, at the base of the southern aquifer of a dolomitic cliff, essentially consisting of carbonate calcium and magnesium.

La source higher and more abundant is the "Palazzolo“; the other two are called "Salaroli"and "Fonte Vecchia".

Visit San Pellegrino Terme: What to see and what to do

The water temperature at the source is just over 26 °.

Their therapeutic action addresses to diseases of the stomach and intestines, liver and biliary tract.

It is recommended in the dysfunctions of the spare part, in the kidney diseases e of the urinary tract and in particular in the cases of kidney stones, also as post-operative treatment.

The center for the diagnosis and treatment of rhinogenic deafness operates at the spa which, through specialist visits, impedance and audiometric tests, is able to admit patients to the insufflation therapy (endotympanic insuflations and crenotherapy polotzer) as well as to evaluate the results in real time.

Respiratory and motor pathophysiology centers, complete with the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment (laser therapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, ultrasound therapy, marcon therapy, massage and kinesitherapy rooms, gym, etc.) under the guidance of highly qualified medical and paramedical staff, '' implementation of complete and effective rehabilitation procedures.

For those who decide to stay, whether for a relaxing holiday or for healing reasons, at the Terme di San Pellegrino Term, in addition to the thermal park, they will also have a center where it is possible to entertain themselves with music, dance, bars and meeting places where they hold scientific, cultural and entertainment events.

Bormio Terme

Le thermal waters of Bormio Terme are indicated for treatment of respiratory diseases, in the gynecological affections, in the pathologies of the musculoskeletal system e in skin diseases.

A preliminary medical examination identifies a personalized treatment program: from thermal baths to inhalations and aerosols, from irrigations to aromatherapy and clay therapy, from mud therapy to massages.

Thermal baths, mud therapy and inhalation treatments are also affiliated with the National Health Service.

For those who intend to stay there Bormio Terme in addition to the medical departments, it also has swimming pools for adults and children, saunas, Turkish baths and private whirlpools.

Looking at it Terme

Miradolo Terme is a small town of about 3.000 inhabitants located in the province of Pavia.

From Pavia it can be reached by car following the SS 234 (Codognese), or by train, Pavia-Cremona railway line, Miradolo Terme station 4 km from the spa.

Its thermal baths owe their origin to brackish aquifers.

Campania spa weekend wellness holidays information

Le thermal waters rise at about 8o meters above sea level in an area surrounded by rolling hills planted with vineyards and hazelnut groves and well five sources we obtain salso-bromine-iodine, lithium, magnesium and sulphurous mineral waters.

Waters and muds of these spas are suitable for affections of the upper respiratory tract, sinusitis, pharyngitis, rhinogenic deafness, chronic and asthmatic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, even for arthro-rheumatic and rheumatological affections, gastro-intestinal disorders, affections of the female genital system, vasculopathies and dermatological problems. The treatments offered, depending on the case, vary from hydroponic treatments, mud baths, baths, inhalations and nebulisations, vaginal irrigations and aerosols.

Other places where you can spend your relaxing holiday at the spa in the splendid Lombardia I'm:

  • Masino baths
  • Bellaggio
  • Limone sul Garda
  • paratico
  • Salice Terme
  • Salò

For information on others spa resorts of Spain reference to the complete list in GUIDE TO THE SPA IN ITALY (DIVIDED BY REGIONS)

Lombardy spas weekend offers and last minute

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Lombardy spa images

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