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    Ljubljana, what to see in one day

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    Ljubljana in one day, what to see in the beautiful and elegant city of Slovenia in a few hours, read the post and get ready to leave for an exciting low cost trip.

    What to see in Ljubljana in one day: all the must-see attractions in the beautiful capital of Slovenia.

    Seeing Ljubljana for the first time was an incredible surprise for me. I didn't have high expectations and instead I found myself in front an almost fairytale city. The placid boats that cross the Ljubljanica river, the palaces with pointed roofs and colored walls, the liveliness of its inhabitants, the art nouveau buildings and the castle that dominates the city from the hill.

    These are some of the details that immediately stole my heart.

    Il the center of Ljubljana in particular is cozy and welcoming. Many areas are pedestrianized, so walking is a real pleasure. If you only have one day to see Ljubljana, here are some attractions I recommend you don't miss.

    Il mercato centrale

    The soul of Ljubljana is its central market, open every day until early afternoon. A place where locals come to buy all kinds of groceries.

    You could take advantage of your one-day tour of Ljubljana to take home some typical Slovenian specialties and stroll through the stalls in the indoor and outdoor areas.

    The Triple Bridge

    One of the symbols of Ljubljana is the famous Triple Bridge (Tromostovje), so called because it consists of three pedestrian bridges. It is a very charming and lively place.

    Cheered by musicians and street artists, it connects the historic center of Ljubljana to the most famous square in the city: Presernov trg.

     The Ljubljana Castle

    Strolling along the banks of the river when the sun goes down, this magical illuminated castle immediately stands out, which seems to watch over the city from the top of a hill.

    It is the castle of Ljubljana, the oldest in the city, dating back to the Middle Ages.

    Today it hosts concerts, cultural events, exhibitions and shows.

    The Dragon Bridge

    Another beautiful bridge that crosses the Ljubljianica River. One of the first in reinforced concrete built in Europe. The dragon is the symbol of Ljubljana and 4 copper specimens are depicted at the ends of this bridge.

    The Tivoli Park

    A green lung for the city of Ljubljana. Created in the early 1800s, it is a beautiful park with tree-lined avenues, well-kept gardens and geometric paths, statues and fountains.

    Inside there are also an Olympic swimming pool, a playground, a botanical garden and a sports hall. The Jakopic walk leading to the Tivoli Castle is very pleasant.

    The Civic Square - Mestni Trg

    The most important square in the old town of Ljubljana is Mestni Tgr, with its baroque buildings and the central Narcissus fountain.

    Here are the Ljubljana Town Hall and the clock tower.

    Then finish your visit of Ljubljana in a day sitting at the table of one of the many delicious restaurants and pubs along the river bank.

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