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    Lisbon, what to see in three days

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    What to see in Lisbon, what to taste, typical dishes and the most beautiful areas to visit, how to get around Lisbon using the Tram 28, all this and much more in the mini guide on Lisbon.

    Lisbon is a city that can be seen in a few days, or rather, Lisbon is a city that can be seen even in a few days. Yes, because even this city in Portugal has many places to explore, so many that a week of travel would not be enough. Yet, often out of necessity, we are able to allow ourselves only a few days of vacation and that's why I thought that a mini guide for three days of travel could be a small start to better understand Lisbon and the Portuguese.

    In case you have managed to add a wider tour of Portugal to the city of Lisbon, I recommend trying theitinerary that goes from Lisbon to Cabo Roca, perhaps by car to admire the beautiful landscapes of the Atlantic Ocean.

    Where to sleep in Lisbon

    Many travelers choose the city of Lisbon because it is actually a low cost city, a city where life is cheaper and to be sure, I invite you to read the interview with a friend who lives in Lisbon a few years ago. The prices may have changed a bit (increased?) Since then, but refer to the year of the post and you see the prices of those goods were still higher than in Lisbon.

    Accommodation ranges from the one recommended by Marco, one of our authors, theEmbaixador hotel near the Marques do Pombal square, or what I recommend, the same area a stone's throw from the Marques de Pombal metro, the hotel with the same name, theMarques Pombal hotels. Those who want and prefer a different accommodation, perhaps younger, can opt for it Shiado Hostel which is located in the Chiado district.

    The accommodations are many, not only hotels and hostels, you can in fact also opt for theFlat if you have gods children, but the prices in Lisbon are not that high and, if only for a nice and ready breakfast in the morning, I recommend an accommodation like the ones proposed above.

    What to see in Lisbon

    In just three days of travel, the idea of ​​going to close in some museum is inconceivable to me, unless it rains. As for other cities, it is worth saying that there is nothing better to know a city than walk, walk and walk. Lisbon then, being a city with a hilltop neighborhood, is a challenging city to visit, it takes a long time because if you don't always want to use public transport, the climbs are quite tiring.

    Personally, the Alfama district is what I liked the most.If you can do it all on foot, I recommend it, every route is worth a photo, every light, whether it's that of sunset or that of midday, the climbs made are worth it. Alfama is the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon and this is where some of the terraces with the best views are located, such as the Miradouro de S. Luzia. Among the things that can be admired in this neighborhood, the Cathedral of Lisbon, and the Castle of St. George.

    Bairro Alto
    Known mostly for being a popular neighborhood, Bairro Alto has colorful buildings tiling, with narrow streets full of restaurants and craft shops, one more beautiful than the other. This district is one of the best known for the evening life, for those who want to have a drink or have fun all night, there is no limit to the clubs that can be found in Bairro Alto. Many wish to get there by taking theSanta Justa Elevator an elevator that goes from the Baixa to the neighborhood, but it is quite expensive, just over € 6 for a few seconds of travel. I personally did not take it, preferring Tram 28.

    The Belem district I recommend it for two reasons, first of all to admire the beautiful Belem Tower, but also not to fail to taste the very famous Pasteis de Belem. Getting to Belem from the center of Lisbon may not be easy, it takes about 30 minutes by tram 15, but in my opinion it's really worth it.

    Where and what to eat in Lisbon

    In Lisbon you eat fish, or rather I rephrase the phrase, in Lisbon you eat excellent fish. If you want Marco's restaurants, I advise you not to miss his post on Four places to eat in Lisbon, while as my personal advice, I can point out the Mercado da Ribeira, a market where you can find the excellence of the city and the country and where you can eat excellent dishes by finding a place in the dozens and dozens of tables in the middle of the market. The cost of these dishes is much more Spanish than Portuguese, it must be specified, if in a restaurant, not a tourist one, you will spend € 10/12 for an all-inclusive lunch, here you will probably spend € 20. But in my opinion it is a nice experience that I recommend doing.

    Another thing that just can't miss on a trip to Lisbon is the Pasteis. Personally, I found two places that literally thrilled me, i Pasteis de Belem and Pasteis at the Manteigaria Fabbrica de Pasteis de Nata. Both excellent, the first are found in Belem, the second in Bairro Alto, both must be tasted still hot with icing sugar and cinnamon, a real delight!

    Getting around in Lisbon

    The first thing I recommend is: on foot! The best way to visit a new city is always on foot, but you are not always put in the right conditions, see the weather or physical conditions, such as the level of fatigue, not to mention those who have children and small children. My advice is to get the Lisboa Card which in addition to offering several free admissions to the museums in Lisbon, allows you to travel by all means of the city for free, even the tram 28.

    La Lisboa Card it must be stamped at each entry of the vehicles and must be signed on the back, including the date and time of the start of use.

    A note must be made for the arrival and departure, then the journey to the airport. In fact, it has recently been possible to get to the center of Lisbon from the airport also thanks to the subway. One more reason to get the Lisboa Card and find out about the rides and flights, perhaps with Tap Portugal, since the metro does not open before 6.30 in the morning.

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