Lillaz Cogne waterfalls: how to get there and where to park

The Lillaz waterfalls are located in the beautiful town of Cogne and are visited both in summer and in winter. Here is all the information on how to get there, where to park and paths to follow.

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Lillaz waterfalls: information

Le Lillaz waterfalls, although not among the best known in Spain, are, without a doubt, among the most beautiful, evocative and characteristic and can be found in Cogne, a precious mountain village in the Aosta Valley located in front of the imposing and majestic Gran Paradiso massif.

Also known by the name of “Le Cascate di Cogne”, the Lillaz waterfalls they are formed thanks to three water jumps of the Urtier Torrent (a total of 150 meters high) and visiting them in summer is an excellent natural remedy to shelter from the heat and humidity.

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Le Lillaz waterfalls are located in the homonymous village located upstream of the Urtier stream which has both free and paid parking.

In the height of the summer season it is very difficult to find a free parking space so we recommend going back and leaving the car along the road.

Lillaz waterfalls: ring

reach the Lillaz waterfalls you have to cross the bridge located immediately after the parking area and head towards the center of the village and, always keeping to the right, you will arrive at a geological park from which the circular route starts.

Il circular route of the Lillaz waterfalls is, in fact, one of the excursions easier than the Cogne Valley and the first stretch that reaches the first jump of the falls is easily accessible for disabled people (the duration of the walk is about 1 hour).

To reach the other two jumps of the Lillaz waterfalls, even if the difficulty is quite low, you have to pay attention to the slippery rocks.

We also recommend taking the path of the Lillaz waterfalls clockwise as part of the return road is paved and closed to traffic.

Lillaz waterfalls: winter

Le Lillaz waterfalls they are very popular even during the winter even if they are not really easy to reach.

As it should be, during the winter the waters of the Urtier stream freeze and, consequently, also those of the jumps of the waterfalls that become the fun of climbing enthusiasts.

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In winter this excursion is only recommended for experienced people.

We point out that in the middle of the village of Lillaz there are restaurants and bars where after one walk to the Lillaz waterfalls, you can cool off and, above all, taste the excellent local dishes.

Lillaz waterfalls: pictures and photos

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