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Seeing a baseball game in New York is one of the most American things to do on a trip to the Big Apple, especially if it costs only $ 5!

When I was in New York, I remember that before leaving I had one great desire (along with the other 10 thousand): to see one baseball game in an American stadium. How many times had I seen Americans in the movies go to the stadium, arrive late and not be able to enter, buy popcorn, make declarations of love on the bright mega-screen ... I wanted to see these scenes live and I absolutely wanted to do it, perhaps even paying very little.

I got to see my baseball game and I also paid very little, 5$! Now I'll explain how I did it.

Before leaving I had this desire it's true, but I was so busy reading the whole guide, marking the places where I wanted to go, first of all Katz's Delicatessen, book the nights that the baseball game has not really calculated. So, while I was jet lag one of the first mornings in the Big Apple, around 5 I started searching. Around 6 I had already done almost everything, found the sites, prices and timetables. Obviously it depends on the period in which you go to New York, as for football there are months in which not a leaf is moving even for baseball, but they are also months in which you can find matches at bargain prices.

I had found a match to watch at Yankee Stadium located in the neighborhood The bronx. I had taken a house in Harlem, so getting to the Bronx, which is just north of Harlem was pretty easy, I just had to take a subway and make a few stops. As I went up on the subway, more and more kids, families and children dressed in baseball team jerseys went up.

Who knows what I imagined when I arrived at the stadium, that it was like a football match? It absolutely was not like that at all. Inside Yankee Stadium there was a large number of families and children. Lots of guys, boyfriends, friends and lots of friends. We all had at least a basket of popcorn in hand and then of course coke and bars to eat. When I went to get popcorn and coke, I realized that at the stadium, as in all of New York, it is not possible to order a drink of alcohol, unless you show a identity document that you certify that you are over 21 years old. I was there to queue and they also asked the gentleman in front of me, who to be good looked yes and no 50 years old, an identity document.

During my game I witnessed two birthdays celebrated on the big screen, several ballets started from the stands, several ola games from the audience and choirs. I have amused to death to attend a real American baseball game and I must say that if and when I return to America, I will try to go and see a basketball game too, so as not to miss anything. The stadium environment is one of the safest I've found with a lot of metal detectors, police everywhere and lots of smiling people ready to show you your place and ring in the stands.

How did I get the ticket for only $ 5?

In America everything is paid for by credit card, anything, even a simple coffee. They also sell some prepaid ones at the supermarket, not like us if you don't have a permanent job, the bank won't give it to you! Said this, MasterCard is doing many small collaborations with structures and premises where, if you pay with this card, you are entitled to a discount. My ticket cost the beauty of 7 $, paid with Mastercard it came to 5 $. The price hasn't dropped that much it's true, but I only realized this collaboration once I got to the stadium, because that's where I paid, without taking or booking the ticket from home and online.

The site where I found the matches is that of espn.go and my advice is to look at the baseball game times, but then head straight to Yankee Stadium to take advantage of the extra Mastercard discount if you have one. There are games that obviously don't cost so little, but much much more, but if you just want to see how it works, satisfy your curiosity and breathe this magnificent American stadium air, I recommend a game of this kind.

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