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Lefkada information

Located south of Corfu and north of Kefalonia, it is separated from the Akarnania coast by a narrow channel, a swinging floating bridge of just 50m. which connects it to the mainland coast.

Endowed with a unique nature with 117 km of white coasts and very blue sea, the island, for tourism, is still at a stage of development that we could define as a "niche" one of the few places in Europe, where even in August , there is the possibility of finding the dream beach all to yourself, not to mention that many of these beaches have received the blue flag for clean coasts from the European Union.

The unique beauty of Nidr waterfallsthe and the precious natural environment of the Dinosaur Cliff offer sensational images.

The stone bridges the water mills, the springs of Kerasià e Sivros, are witnesses of the agricultural character of the Lefkada countryside.

Lefkada nightlife

I firmly believe that it is the beauty of the island that has inspired the verses of ancient and recent poets, so much so that it is called the "island of poets".

Lefkada best beaches tips

Now we will give you some tips on what the most beautiful beaches of Lefkada.

Porto Katsiki

La Porto Katsiki beach it has been included in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean and to reach it you have to go up steep steps that overlook the imposing white cliffs.

Despite being a very popular beach, it is very well organized and the landscape it offers will leave you amazed.

Egremni Beach

La Egremni beach it is beautiful, captivating, natural with very white sand.

To reach it you have to go down 350 steps, even a little dangerous but, trust me, it is really worth going there also because it is never very crowded.

Pefkoulia beach

La Pefkoulia beach it is especially suitable for families because it can be reached easily.

In the surroundings there are many shops and restaurants and behind the rock there are some quieter corners preferred especially by nudists.

Spiaggia di Mylos

La beach of Mylos it is the right place for nature lovers.

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Thanks to the winds that blow constantly it is a popular destination for those who love to do watersports.

Kathisma beach

La Kathisma beach it is the one most frequented by young people because it is located in an area full of life, hotels and clubs.

This beach is also a popular destination for those who love water sports thanks to the winds that blow constantly.

It must be said that these are the beaches that are a little off-center from the life of theLefkada island in fact the most popular ones, those near which there are hotels, resorts and accommodation for your holidays are:

Porto Vassiliki

La Vassiliki beach is located in one of the most popular areas of the island of Lefkada.

Even if there are almost always winds that blow, it is suitable for everyone especially for those who love to do windsurf.

Nidri beach

La Nidri beach was born in the homonymous village which is part of the island.

Thanks to its excellent position it is one of the most popular places on the island and its particularity is given by its spectacular bay with a typical lake landscape.

Other very beautiful beaches to see are there Ai-Giannis beach, beaches of Kastro and Gyra beach and beach of Gialos.

Photo gallery of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada

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