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A summer in Salento is the dream of many travelers and the Salento peninsula and its capital are among the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world, who populate roads and coasts throughout the beautiful season which, in Salento, lasts from May to October.

Lecce, baroque cradle, remains a stop not to be missed in the Salento grand tour, to be discovered by getting lost in the historic center and letting yourself be refreshed by the excellence of local cuisine. But, how to defend against the summer price increase e eat well and deliver little? Here are five addresses to mark on your diary before leaving, for all palates and for all tastes, from traditional cuisine to aperitifs, in the shade of the Baroque and in the more recently built neighborhoods, to enjoy your holiday without ruining your wallet.

A few steps from Porta Napoli, at number 24 of via Principi di Savoia, a discreet door, a sign in relief in stone, a name synonymous with guarantee, authenticity and above all hospitality: we are From Angiulino (closed on Sundays), among the historic trattorias of Lecce, and certainly the most authentic, starting with the aroma of potato croquettes that welcomes guests even before crossing the threshold. Here the decor is spartan, because the dishes are the real stars: potato pitta with onion, bits of horse with sauce, fresh homemade pasta, broad beans and chicory, the best the most genuine culinary tradition can offer. And also the prices are those of the past: for a first course the cost is only 5 euro.

You must leave corso Vittorio Emanuele, the main artery of the historic center, before arriving in piazza Sant'Oronzo and turn right, following via Paladini, to find Double zero (closed on Mondays), not a bar, not a restaurant, but, as Orso, the host likes to call it, a tasting emporium, with highly selected meats and cheeses from all over Italy. Baroque curls outside, vintage atmosphere inside, with wooden furniture, chairs all different from each other and chandeliers assembled from bottles recovered and remodeled by a local craftsman. They are enough less than 15 euros for a good first course, from abundant couscous to cheese and pear pie with spelled with feta and cherry tomatoes. Finally, a taste of the desserts is a must, to choose from homemade fruit tarts and Pistocchi chocolate cake, pride of the house.

Just outside the gates of the historic center, at number 47 of Viale Università, in the heart of student life, it has recently opened its doors Ginger (closed on Sunday for lunch), the ideal stop for a quick snack, to take away and enjoy next to the oleanders of Porta Napoli or on the spot. The gastronomic philosophy is simple and genuine: only 0 km ingredients, fresh and seasonal and, preferably, organic. In addition to the production of pizzas by the slice and sandwiches, Zenzero also offers a range of ideas ranging from seitan to baked millet vegetables with tofu and courgette flowers, and excellent vegan cakes and cheesecake to end on a sweet but light basis. Everything for less than 10 euros.

To live like a local and enjoy the happy hour atmosphere, the ideal address is the bar Bamboo in via Schipa, near piazza Mazzini, where the aperitif is not only salted almonds and olives, but is enriched with grilled vegetables, tasty slices of pizza by the slice and sandwiches, potato croquettes, mini-portions of pasta, sauces and canapes. All at derisory price of 6 euros.

Last, but not least, and certainly not chronologically, the Alvino Bar, historic meeting point in Piazza Sant'Oronzo, where you can sit in the baroque embrace of Lecce to bite into a fried or baked calzone or a rustic, a sort of vol-au-vent of puff pastry stuffed with bechamel, tomato and a pinch of pepper, a local delight not to be missed. Or to sweetly inaugurate a day, with a bite of "Typical Italian cake with custard cream filling”, An exquisite shortcrust pastry case filled with custard. Everything, including the panorama, for a handful of euros.

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