Le fontanelle: eating the real piadina in Rimini

The local The Fountains of Rimini it is located in via Castellaccio 6D, just below the Piadineria Ilde Bar. The difference with Bar Ilde is remarkable for two things: the price, the service. In fact, the Fontanelle are one self-service piadineria. You order and expect your piadina to be ready.

The great thing is you can see directly prepare your piada, you stand in front of the window with delicacies and wait for them to knead and fill your lunch. During the summer evenings the piadineria is full and it is necessary to take the numerino as when you go to the butcher's to be served before or after others.

Another peculiarity, or rather, positive side is the price. Obviously, since there is no table service, a piada with coke is more or less 7 €, not bad at all. Lunch can be enjoyed in the comfortable terrace which in the most beautiful days also shows the sea of ​​Rimini. Here there are several outdoor tables covered by large trees for shade and relaxation, but there are also some covered, in case it rains so suddenly.

The wraps are not as elaborate as at Bar Ilde, they are rather simple but no less good, the one above is with vegetables au gratin and melted cheese :) A delight!

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