La Vespa Burger Bar: Italian Hamburgeseria in Barcelona

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Eat hamburger it's very simple in a city like Barcelona. Just take a ride on La Rambla or stay close to the Sagrada Familia than a little less than 5 € you can eat hot hot fast food hamburger. A product that exactly reflects the quality-price equation.

Now Vespa Burger Bar instead, they serve excellent burgers with fine meats and excellent side dishes. The formula is that of fast food: sandwich, drink and chips. The only big difference is the quality.

There are various types of burgers you can enjoy: from those standard up to that for i health-conscious and vegan with tofu. Each sandwich has its own hamburger and side dishes selected from excellent vegetables or fine salami from the area. The moment it is served you will be entranced by the smell of meat, that healthy smell that immediately brings to mind and to the palate the smell of home.
Accompanying your burger will be a portion of hand-cut and freshly fried fries, just like your mom used to prepare them for you. All this for an average price of just 11 euros, including a drink.

THEarchitecture the interior of the structure as well as the name of the restaurant is a tribute to one of the myths of Made in Italy: the simple tables further stand out paintings and jewels collected in homage to the mythical Vespa.

The idea came to two Italians who have taken over this place and have decided to offer Italian cuisine outside the usual culinary canons. The result? Mouth-watering!

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