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    L'Antica Delizia, ice cream in Castellina in Chianti

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    Recently the New York Times and sorry if it is not enough, for an ice cream shop in a town in the Sienese Chianti, beautiful but a little out of the way.

    The fact is that theAncient Delight di Castellina was cited as not to be missed by the prestigious American periodical. So if you happen to be in the area along the Via Chiantigiana (the SS 222) that connects Siena to Florence, stop by this shop, located on a wide curve right in front of the entrance to the town. Antica Delizia is frequented by people who speak all languages, as proof of its fame, and the ice cream is really delicious. The tastes offered are varied, with a particular emphasis on fruit, but seasonal ... let's say that the triumph is in spring / summer, at this time of the year we are a bit disadvantaged, so let's console ourselves with the variegated creams, the pine nuts, the cassate, English soups, different types of chocolate (chilli, orange), coffee… should I continue? The ice cream is made with quality raw materials and you can feel the difference.

    So, if you have decided to take a tour in Chianti, pass by here (the ice cream shop closes for rest from Christmas to the end of February). Chianti is administratively divided into a Florentine and a Sienese part. Both "factions" have four municipalities, Castellina was part of the ancient Chianti League. I'm Florentine and maybe I shouldn't say it, but for me the Sienese Chianti is beautiful (more characteristic than the Florentine one), its hilly landscape so sweet and poignant is appreciated in every season, now there are vineyards full of yellow leaves, in spring all green. Winter has mists and the warm color of the earth.

    Castellina it is a pretty town to visit, in its narrow streets there are numerous wine bars where you can taste local products. For art lovers like me, on the other hand, in the center of the town is the fifteenth-century Rocca, designed by Giuliano da Sangallo.

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