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Safari of two or more days in Kenya. Guide, destinations and general information.

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Kenya safaris tips

Il Kenya is one of tourist destinations most desired by travelers from all over the world for its being wild and its naturalistic beauties.

Is one East African state, capital is Nairobi and is bathed in the enchanting Indian Ocean.

Decide to go on a Safari in Kenya it is a unique and unrepeatable, tiring and demanding experience but, trust me, it will remain an indelible memory.

Organize a Safari in Kenya well it is very important and there are so many agencies that will make this experience comfortable and not dangerous.

Safari in Kenya itinerari

Go on a Safari in Kenya it is a very subjective choice as the itinerary is quite vast and it takes even more days to see and touch the beauties of this magnificent land.

Now let's see what the most beautiful places to see during a Safari in Kenya:

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Safari Kenya Tsavo est

Lo Tsavo it's a national park and protected natural area of ​​Kenya and it is one of the largest attractions of this country.

Un Safari allo Tsavo est lasts, on average, 2 days / 1 night and starts by entering the park and then reaches, in jeep, the lodges to spend the night.

Once you reach the lodges, the real thing begins tower dello Tsavo east where you can admire many animals during the hunt and lasts until sunset.

The next day the lodge and take a tour of the whole morning before reaching the park exit.

Safari Kenya Masai Mara

Il Masai Mara is a nature reserve with a very high concentration of animals especially big cats and is a favorite destination for travelers from all over the world.

Un Safari in Masai Mara it lasts a maximum of 3 days / 2 nights and is the responsibility of the chosen lodge.

The Masai Mara can usually be reached by plane that lands directly in the reserve.

Il game drive it has no pre-established paths therefore the jeep they roam freely around the reserve in search of animals and places to photograph and cannot be far away from them lodge according to rules established by the reserve.

We would like to point out that in the early hours of dawn it is possible go on a balloon safari to admire the awakening of nature and animal life.

Other very beautiful safaris are:

  • Watamu
  • Tsavo ovest
  • Safari Blu

  • Robinson Island
  • Lamu island
  • Amboseli
  • Marafa
  • Lake nakuru

Kenya safaris best time

Unfortunately the Kenyan weather it is not uniform in all its regions throughout the year.

Due to this diversity of climates, the best time for a Safari in Kenya varies according to the chosen area and now let's see which are the best:

Safari Kenya Tsavo east best time

Il best time for a safari in Tsavo East is from August to February (from March to May strong storms can occur)

Safari Kenya Masai Mara best time

Il best time for a safari in the Masai Mara runs from July to September (during the other months it could be too hot or downpours could occur which make the land impassable).

Il best time for a Safari in the other areas of the Kenya is:

  • Watamu e Malindi: the best period is from December to March
  • Tsavo West: the best period is from July to October
  • Amboseli: the best period is from mid-August to mid-October
  • Lake nakuru: the best time is November

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Kenya pictures and photos

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