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Kefalonia useful tips

Kefalonia is one of the seven islands which form the group of Ionian Islands in Greece.

Kefalonia is famous for being the island of the mythical Ulysses whose vicissitudes were described by the famous lyric poet Homer, In 'Odyssey.

It is an island of enchantment, with beaches, hilly and mountainous landscapes with exciting colors, mysterious caves, traditional villages and rich archaeological finds, extensive woods and vineyards, which give the tasty wine "Robola".

Kefalonia places to see and beaches

Kefalonia is very famous for its beautiful beaches unspoiled and of unrivaled natural beauty.

All have fine golden or white sand and magnificent emerald colored waters.

Some of these beaches are extensive, fully organized, while others are located in picturesque and small bays and lack any kind of infrastructure.


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Kefalonia it is located 12 hours by ferry from Brindisi (arriving in Sami) or three by plane, via Athens.

Air links

Kefalonia has an international airport located 8 km from the capital Argostoli.

The national airline Olympic ensures the daily connection with Athens.

Some days of the week the Olympic planes make a stopover in Zakynthos.

In the summer, tourist agencies organize numerous charter flights to and from Northern Europe.

Maritime connections

Sami it is the main port of the island due to its deep waters.

Ferries from Patras and then continue on to Ithaca.

The ferries are operated by the shipping company Strintzis.

Some ferries from the Spanish ports of Toast e Ancona they make a stop only in the summer period a Sami.

But the service is hit and miss.

Da Argostoli ferries depart for My kill in the Peloponnese.

A Poros the ferries from My kill.

heavy it is connected to Zakynthos by a summer ferry service. Finally, there are hydrofoil services forLefkada island e Astakòs.

Land connections

The main bus station is located at Argostoli.

A dense network of bus lines ensures the connection between the capital and the most remote centers.

From here, buses leave for Patras and Athens.



Its inhabitants are friendly and hospitable because they have the reputation of Greek travelers, since they sailed the seas like sailors and merchants or emigrated to all corners of the earth.

So the British moved here a few years ago, either to retire or to develop a new business: in the catering or real estate sector.

Our compatriots have instead discovered the island on vacation, just in recent years, they fall in love with it and dream of a traditional-style villa, with a sea view.

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