Journey into the works of art in Pisa while enjoying good wine

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For those who were in Pisa or its surroundings, I would like to point out this very original event: "A masterpiece and a great wine. Vn trip to the works of art of the San Matteo National Museum in Pisa, enjoying good wine "

Starting on Sunday 15 April and for 11 appointments (until 1 July) it will be possible to attend a series of meetings that will allow you to get to know a work of art from the extraordinary collection of the National Museum of San Matteo in Pisa and an excellent wine from Wine Route of the Pisan Hills, obviously with final tasting.

The structure that houses the Museum is part of a ancient convent of nuns Benedictines founded in the XNUMXth century and dedicated to San Matteo. The very rich collection is known and appreciated by scholars from all over the world, in particular because it offers a unique panorama on themedieval art with the outstanding collection of crosses painted on boards with a gold background by the main Pisan masters and more generally from Tuscany. Then there is a section, in my opinion the most beautiful, dedicated to a series of paintings of the fifteenth century, depicting the Madonna with the child, by artists such as Benozzo Gozzoli, Ghirlandaio and Masaccio which I highly recommend.

I went to the Museum for the first appointment of this edition and I can guarantee you that it really is original; we were nice group of people in front of a beautiful painted cross and an expert guide explained the whole history of this enchanting work of art. Today's masterpiece was the Monastery Cross by a Greek-Pisan painter. After the presentation, very detailed, we were accompanied to the courtyard of the Museum where a wine tasting table by the Marcampo delle Colline Pisane Winery, excellent wine and original morning, I would say a pleasant way to combine two different cultures, the first historical and the second food and wine.

For those interested here is the program, the events all start at 11:

22 April. Giunta Pisano, Cross of the church of San Ranierino, tempera and gold on wood, first half of the century. XIII - Gli Archi Winery.

29 April. Giunta Pisano, Dossale di San Francesco, tempera and gold on wood, mid-century. XIII - Colline di Sopra winery.

6 May - Francesco Traini, Polyptych of San Domenico, tempera and gold on wood, 1344- 1345 - Torre a Cenaia winery.

13 May - Simone Martini, Polyptych of Santa Caterina, tempera and gold on wood, 1319/1320 - Podere La Chiesa.

20 May - Andrea and Nino Pisano, Madonna del Latte, painted marble, 1343- 1347 - Caiarossa winery.

3 June - Fra Angelico, Madonna of Humility, tempera and gold on wood, 1423 ca. - Podernovo winery.

10 June - Masaccio, San Paolo, tempera and gold on wood, 1426 - Varramista winery.

17 June
- Donatello, Reliquary bust of San Lussorio, cast and gilded bronze, 1424- 1427 - San Gervasio Winery.

24 June - Domenico Ghirlandaio, Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints Catherine, Stephen, Lorenzo and Dorotea, tempera on wood, 1479 - Pagani de Marchi Winery.

1 July - Gentile da Fabriano, Madonna of Humility, tempera and gold on wood, before 1422 - Castelvecchio Winery.

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