It's time for festivals! If magna and if he drinks


  • Porchetta Festival in Ariccia

    (Rome) August 30-September 2. A must for Romans and non-Romans that is celebrated in its homeland, among songs, dances and flasks of wine from the Castelli.

  • Parma Ham Festival

    (Parma) 1-9 September. The festival of the King of hams, in the name of gastronomy, entertainment and culture.

  • Porcini Mushroom Festival

    in Lariano (RM) 13-23 September. 28th edition for this festival that celebrates one of my favorite foods ever <3

  • Gorgonzola Festival

    (Gorgonzola, MI) 15-16 September. A great classic for lovers of the legendary cheese with a drop (if I go there, nobody takes it out of my stomach!

  • Sagra del bitto

    in Gerola Alta (SO) on 15 and 16 September. One of the most important festivals dedicated to the typical Valtellina cheese

  • Franciacorta Festival in the Cellar

    15-16 September. For lovers of bubbles .. open wineries and many initiatives related to the world of wine.

  • Potato Festival

    in Lezzate (Monza) from 27 to 30 September. Because you know .. the potato pulls!

  • Pumpkin festival

    in Casalmaggiore (CR) from 20 to 23 September. Obviously we are talking about the classic tortello, but not only ... Pumpkin for everyone!

  • Brescia's casoncello fair

    in Barbariga (BS) from 27 to 30 September. Why don't you give them two baskets of butter and sage?

  • Goose salami festival

    in Mortara (PV) on 30 September. The Palio, challenge between the districts at the end of the historical parade of Renaissance re-enactment, flag-wavers and… a lot of salami!

  • Eel festival

    in Comacchio (FE) 28 September-14 October. For lovers of the genre .. you just have to go to the beautiful valleys of Comacchio. Here you can find it in all sauces!

  • International street food festival

    (FC) October 5-7. Gastronomic Routes and Cultural Suggestions in the historic center of Cesena for a weekend of International Street Food

  • Festival of taragna orobica polenta

    in Branzi (BG) 29-30 weeks The winning combination for the diet: taragna polenta and Branzi cheese: are a par de chili guaranteed?

  • Festival dell’Uva

    in Marino (RM) 29-30 September. Fountains that give vinoooo..quant'abboandanza is there? As a Roman, I could not fail to include the most famous festival in Lazio. Go there by train .. that licenses fly like confetti?

  • Mostra del bitto

    in Morbegno (SO) 13-14 October. Another great classic in honor of the cheese used (among other things) to make the delicious pizzocheri.

  • National Brown Fair

    in Cuneo: October 19-21. What would autumn be without roasted chestnuts ?!

  • Eurochocolate

    in Perugia, October 19-28. The motto of this year's edition is ... "yes but #ConChi?" The time for sharing chocolate arrives.

  • Thrush Festival

    in Montalcino (SI) October 27-28. An ancient festival, in which all the districts take to the field to challenge each other in an archery competition. After, of course, we throw ourselves on the food..pappardelle with wild boar, pici with sauce ... all accompanied by the famous wines of Montalcino.

  • International White Truffle Fair

    of Alba (TO) 6 October-25 November. The festival of the most prized mushroom in the world.

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