In Provence to see the lavender fields

One of the dreams I've had for some time is to go and see the fields of lavender in Provence. I'm not saying to do just that Route de la Lavande, but also a little less, it would be enough for me to visit the village of Valensole, the one that can be seen in all the photographs of lavender in Provence so to speak. The classic postcard landscape, where to find myself immersed in the lilac of lavender. A wonderful travel idea don't you think?

Il best flight for me it would be from Rome to Marseille. From here rent a car and set out to explore the most beautiful area of ​​Provence. The probable itinerary could be that which sees locations that include Plateau de Claparèdes, Abbaye de Sénanque, Prieuré de Salagon and Château du Bois.

Plateau de Claparèdes it is an apparently enchanting place where the lilac of the lavender mixes with the red of the poppies and the gold of the wheat fields. A place to be enjoyed without haste, with a camera and plenty of time available. I can already imagine it at sunset, indescribable I think, but how many photos would I take * - *

A Château du Bois the true essence of lavender is still distilled according to traditional methods. It's worth it just to see how the process happens and to buy something typical. I'm not a souvenir, but here, well here it's worth it.

THESĂ©nanque Abbey it is a Cistercian abbey immersed and surrounded by lavender fields.
It is one of the most fascinating examples of monastic architecture founded in 1148. The shop of products made by monks is absolutely not to be missed, but go to the site of the Abbey you can also find out how to visit the monastery in Provence.

Finally, as I said at the beginning, I a run away to Valensole I would do it if only to see the postcard photo you see everywhere when it comes to Lavender. Getting there by car is quite simple and certainly a pretty sight. From the window you can see the lavender fields of Provence which offer remarkable landscapes and enchanting views.

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