In Naples you eat pizza and pay after 8 days

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Pizza "today at eight" from Sorbillo in via dei Tribunali and "suspended coffee”In the historic Caffè Gambrinus in Piazza del Plebiscito. In this time of crisis, the Neapolitans bet on the Neapolitans. Trust and an outstretched hand towards the less well-off, towards the needy. A sign of hope and proof of loyalty.
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The formula of pizza "today at eight" was introduced by the Sorbillo pizzeria already in postwar period, when people, exhausted, had no cash credit with which to feed and feed their families. Sorbillo gave these people the opportunity to take a pizza and pay for it after eight days. Well, even today, after more than fifty years, the need for today returns to eight. And Sorbillo wants to change his mind, he wants to trust his fellow citizens and wants to help them get by with dignity and honesty. In my opinion, an initiative worthy of esteem and praise which, if extended to all Italian cities, could be a powerful engine capable of running an economy that has stopped for too long now.

Il suspended coffeeInstead, it is a custom in vogue in Neapolitan bars for many years ago but which, lately, had been abandoned and then resumed and then re-abandoned and then resumed by someone, by a few, especially in the suburbs. Today to propose this initiative is instead one of the most luxurious Neapolitan cafes, the Gambrinus, the historic, the very central, the one for the few. The artists' coffee, frequented by Neapolitan excellence and beyond. Even Gambrinus, today, wants to be next to the less fortunate and offers its customers the possibility of pay two coffees, taking only one and leaving the other available of the less fortunate who, after him, will enter the Gambrinus in search of solidarity.

The one in which I speak to you in these few lines is, as you can see, a Naples in search of redemption, the good Naples, that Naples that the televisions and newspapers ignore or pretend to ignore. A Naples that exists, however, is real. Generous, noble, selfless. The Naples we like! So come on dear low cost tourists, go to Naples, go to Gambrinus and "suspend" a coffee. It's the little things that save the world!

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