In Marseille, move low cost

Marseille it is a city that is revaluing itself year after year and that is worth a visit for its charm and its enormous beauty.

For move low cost in Marseille the best idea is to do a city ​​pass which is valid for 1 or 2 days. This card allows you to move around in Marseille by all means, to visit 14 museums in the city of Marseille, to have discounts in shops and restaurants and in theaters. The price for 24 hours it is 18 €, 25 € for 42 hours.

Le Maseille le Grand Tour it's a big news worthy of a magnificent city. With this card you can take a guided tour of all the districts of Marseille. The bus is equipped with earphones to better follow all the descriptions of monuments and not to miss a word. During one or more of the 16 stops along the way, you can get off and continue the tour with the following bus to enjoy the visit of the city more calmly.

The price is € 17 for a single day, but if you want to continue the tour also the following day, the ticket price is only € 20. Reduced rates for children, students and those who want to make fewer stops than the classic tour.

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