Il Giardino dei Sapori, bakery and pastry shop (but not only) in Rimini

I never thought I'd find such a place along the consular road leading to San Marino. Starting from Rimini with an unknown destination, thanks to a hot Saturday morning, I find myself precisely along the consular road that leads to Mount Titano, but at street number 51 I read a large sign that mentionsThe Garden of Flavors'. The curiosity is immediate, and here I find myself parking the car in a large deserted parking lot, even for the hour.

The place they tell me was inaugurated in March, is inside a large commercial building that houses, among others, Pittarello, a shop specializing in low cost footwear.

As soon as you enter you are struck by the size of the environment and first of all I was impressed by the beautiful seats in wood and white canvas, really comfortable, and which are usually seen in the gardens. On the left, once you cross the threshold, the counters begin where the wells for the gelato, followed by the confectionery with numerous variations and choices of pasta, pastries e cakes, then the space for coffee at the counter, up to continue with the counter dedicated to forno, where to find bread, stuffed sandwiches, bread sticks, spianate and many other curiosities.

It is impossible not to be struck by a well-raised stage and by about twenty electric guitars hanging on the walls, Marshall speakers and systems turned on and rods with microphones already positioned, as if someone had just finished playing.

But where did I enter? Chatting with those who were serving me, they tell me that in the evening Il giardino dei Sapori also turns into a place for rock bands and more, groups selected by them directly. So take advantage of this very original place and possibly follow their facebook page

In short, I honestly found myself offended enough to order a trivial coffee macchiato, an orange juice and a cream and chocolate cake. 4,70 € the final shopping, but if I had been less in a hurry I would have paid much more attention to the pastry counter.

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