How to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood in Los Angeles

One of the most beautiful experiences and activities you can do in Los Angeles is to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. This attraction allows you to visit the historic Hollywood film studios where, in almost 100 years of history, many of the most important American films have been produced, of which many winners of Oscars and various prizes.

This place, a symbol of film and television culture, has seen the making and producing wonderful films such as Casablanca, Batman, Gremlins, Harry Potter or Gravity, The Big Bang Theory, Looney Tunes and Friends. The titles are countless ... Let's face it, our life would not have been the same without the intervention of the iconic Hollywood production company.

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood represents a rare opportunity for see how the magic of cinema really works and especially learn behind the scenes of the production and making of successful films and television series which are currently being recorded in the Studios.

Unlike other movie studios, the Warner Bros. Tour takes the visitor to the ongoing film and television sets, revealing secrets and curiosities about how the filming and production of this extraordinary world that has made entire generations dream for over a century.

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Warner Bros. Studio visit 

Now let's see how the visit of the historic American film studios works and takes place. Before starting the tour, the guide will ask all participants what they are preferences on movies and television series to better organize the tour, based on the preferences and tastes of the various visitors.

The tour starts with the visit some of the most important backlots, where there are outdoor sets of classic movies and TV series such as CasablancaBatman, Gilmore Girls, Friends and many others. The tour also leads to discover the behind the scenes of the production of the hit TV series that are currently being recorded in the Studios.

The availability of certain stages and backlots is subject to daily changes. Each tour is different from the others and is programmed according to the movies and series or TV shows that are being shot at that moment.

DC Universe – The Exhibit

The first stop is the DC Universe - The Exhibituna exhibition, which includes a visit to the sets, original costumes and props used in the films from the characters who made the history of the superhero and adventurous genre.


On the ground floor, at the time of our visit, there are about ten stands where all the costumes of Justice League of America, including: Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash and the exclusive weapons used on movie sets.

The Wizarding World: Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts

On the first floor, however, there is the exhibition The Wizarding World: Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts, on the film series by Harry Potter and on the film Fantastic animals and where to find them.

Here you can observe the used props and authentic costumes: Harry, Hermione and Ron's clothes, school uniforms, Lord Voldemort's costumes, used by a young Tom Riddle in his rise as the Dark Lord. You can also wear the magic Sorting Hat which will also tell you which Hogwarts house you belong to.

Recently the exhibition on Joker, with the backdrops used in the scenes, the architectural decorations and the lighting that have contributed to making this film one of the greatest international successes.

Tour of the external scenographies and decorations

This part of the tour includes the visit of the external sets, even those that are no longer used. Let's not forget that the Studios are always in operation, therefore there are always movies or shows being made or recorded.

From the tropical jungle to the Parisian streets, to residential areas, there are all possible and imaginable scenographies. The area that recreates the city of Chicago, also used for the movie The Blues Brothers, the area used for the Gilmore Girls series, the outdoor scenes used for the sitcoms Friends or The Big Bang Theory, just to name a few.

THU each building must be useful for recording a film. Administrative offices also have a facade that resembles a motel, police station or hospital, and are actually used when needed.


The facades of the buildings are empty, without signs or decorations, numbers or particular furnishings, in this way with each shot, you can change the era, theme or use according to your needs.

And to create all the furniture needed to create the set there is the accessories warehouse, a kind of giant warehouse where you can find everything you need to decorate the set, from the main things like lighting and furniture, to the little things like the door handle. The warehouse is a real Ali Baba cave.

Film and television tricks

During your visit you will realize that the recording of a film does not happen as you imagined it. For example, you will discover that the city of Stars Hollow, from the film Gilmore Girls, does not really exist in reality, but is only a film set.

Or that the same building was used to represent Lorelai's house and Sookie's house, again in the TV series A Mom for a Friend, except that the two different facades made them look like two different houses.

The world of television, but especially that of cinema, understands a large number of special effects and cinematic tricks which allow to convey to the viewer a completely different reality, which will be gradually revealed during the tour.

Exhibition of the Batmobili

Another stop on the tour is there Batmobile Collection, an exhibition where they are exhibited all the cars made and used in the Batman saga, since its debut. A magical moment, even for those not a huge Batman fan! Machines are gods wonderful unique pieces, fully functional, designed and created specifically for the film.


The final stage

Il Warner Bros. Studio Tour if concluded with a visit dell 'interactive Stage 48: Script to Screen and the historic Central Perk set. In the same building there is also a coffee shop and Warner Bros. Studio Store. In this area you can roam freely and you can take all the time you need to relax and enjoy the magical cinematic atmosphere that you breathe.

Here the most anticipated attraction is the Central Perk set from the Friends series. You can sit on the famous sofa used in the famous television series and make you take a picture as if you were one of the characters.

You can also hold one in your hand statuette of the Oscars, try the different technologies used for i movements of unreal characters in the movies, or ride the Harry Potter broom, thus discovering the wonders of green screen technology.

Finally, through a short film, you will understand the importance of sound in a film and how all the sounds are cleverly put together during editing.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood include:

  • Backlots & Soundstages: visit the backlots and sets of famous movies, shows and TV series
  • Behind the scenes tour of a stage
  • DC Universe: The Exhibit
  • The Wizarding World: Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts
  • Warner Bros. Museum
  • The Picture Car Vault
  • Stage 48: Script to Screen
  • Warner Bros. Studio Store
  • Central Perk Café

We recommend buy tickets in advance and arrive 15-20 minutes earlier start of the tour.


Warner Bros. Studios Tour ticket prices

  • the cost of the ticket for adults (ages 13 and up) is $ 69 online or $ 72 at the entrance
  • the cost of the ticket for boys (ages 8 to 12) is $ 59 online or $ 62 at the entrance
Buy your Warner Bros Studio Hollywood discounted ticket online


THEonline purchase is highly recommended, both to avoid the risk of not finding more seats available, and to pay less and not to queue for the purchase of tickets.

Schedule visit Warner Bros. Studios Tour

  • the opening hours are from hours 8:00 pm 16:30
  • tours run continuously seven days out of seven, with extended hours during the summer
  • i deluxe tour start at 10:00 o'clock Monday to Friday
  • the Studios are closed on 2 and 3 June and on Christmas day

How to get to Warner Bros. Studios

Il Tour Welcome Centre, the entrance to Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood, is located on the corner of Riverside Drive and South Avon Street in Burbank, a district in North Los Angeles.

Address: 3400 West Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA 91505

If you arrive by car use the 134 or 101 highways. The parcheggio it is available for a fee (cost $ 12) on Lima St. & Warner Blvd.

There are also various trains and buses which can be used to get to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. All buses arrive and depart approximately 300 meters from the Tour Center.

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Here are some possible solutions of travel by public transport:

  • from the "Hollywood / Highland" Red Line metro station take bus 222
  • from the “Universal” station of the Red Line of the metro take bus 155
  • from the metro station "Pasadena / Del Mar" of the Gold Line, take bus 501
  • from the "North Hollywood" station of the Red Line of the subway take bus 501
  • from Union Station in downtown Los Angeles take Red Line to North Hollywood station, then take bus 501

Important information

Here are some useful information and tips to better organize your visit:

  • la ticket booking to carry out the tour it is highly recommended to avoid the risk of arriving and finding all the tours with sold out seats
  • arrive at least 15-20 minutes before of the start of the tour
  • visits to the Studios can be changed based on the productions and registrations currently in progress
  • it turn base include a guided tour of about 2 hours plus a free tour of about 1 hour
  • the tour is prohibited to minors of 8 years. Under 18s must be accompanied by at least one adult
  • la Go Los Angeles Card is the best choice for maximum savings and flexibility. The pass includes tickets to visit the Warner Bros. Studios. Hollywood, plus dozens of other Los Angeles attractions
Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood Los Angeles

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