How to visit Grand Canyon and Monument Valley in 1 day

Very often when planning theitinerary to discover the American West, when it comes to the part Grand Canyon e Monument Valley, one wonders whether to include them in one stop or visit these spectacular attractions in 2 separate days.

Even when we did the first American tour we were undecided whether to visit them in 2 days with 2 separate stops or in a single day. For logistical reasons we have opted for visit Grand Canyon and Monument Valley in one day and we did it quietly without any problems.

The choice of whether to visit these 2 crazy landscape locations in a day or 2 depends especially on the time you have to dedicate to the whole tour of the West and if you want to visit them in detail or in a more summary way. If you want to deepen the visit of both destinations you have to spend more time, especially for the Grand Canyon, hence the choice of 2 days is the right choice.

Where to choose the hotel

As a basis for the start of a challenging stage like this we have chosen the city of Flagstaff in Arizona. Located at an altitude of 2000 meters, it offers a fabulous and unique landscape situation. It is a typical mountain town that offers a renowned ski resort just a few kilometers away. Also in the city there are interesting places to see, such as the historic buildings.

The choice of a hotel a Flagstaff it does not fall only for its beauty, but especially for the comfortable position to start and finish the stage. Staying in a single hotel allows you to leave quickly in the early morning without wasting time to re-pack your bags and load them into the car.

Check availability and search for hotel deals in Flagstaff

Distances and travel times

Flagstaff - Monument Valley 287 km (3 hours and 15 minutes)

Monument Valley - Grand Canyon 295 km (3 hours and 30 minutes)

Grand Canyon - Flagstaff 127 km (1 hour and 30 minutes)

Total distance 709 km

Total trip time 8 hours and minutes 15

How to plan the stage

Below we describe as an example a possible solution with the timetable of the stage program. Afterwards they can be varied according to your preferences. Travel times do not include possible traffic sections.


Depart from Flagstaff at 6: 00

Arrival at Monument Valley at 9: 15

Duration visit Monument Valley about 2:00. More than enough time to do the whole route (lasting about 1 hour) and take photos. Remember that with an SUV or off-road vehicle, touring is much easier. While with low cars you have to proceed slowly to avoid the risk of touching the bottom of the car.

Departure from Monument Valley at 11: 15

Pause lunch 1 hour

Arrive at the Grand Canyon at 15: 15

Grand Canyon visit duration approximately 3:00. More than enough time to visit Grand Canyon Village, stop off at major Grand Canyon viewpoints on the Red Line (free bus), and snap photos of this beautiful natural and scenic beauty.

Departure from the Grand Canyon at 18: 15

Arrival in Flagstaff at 19: 45

The day can be concluded with one Dinner relaxing in one of the typical restaurants of the city or for a quicker dinner in a fast food restaurant.


Remember to Drive carefully and respect the speed limits. Your own safety and that of others comes first.

Go to bed early the night before to wake up well rested.

If possible alternate driving. If you are the only driver in a car, consider that for many, driving 700 km in a single day can be quite heavy.

Bring warm clothing, the days can be cool and windy. The city of Flagstaff, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon are located at high altitudes and can get cold with wind, especially in winter.

On the path snow can be found in the winter. Much of the route has an altitude above 1000 meters.

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