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Scegliere New York for a holiday it is one of the most beautiful things you can do, one of the best destinations you can choose. New York, however, like all great destinations, there are those who like it and there are those who hate it. New York is a city you love or hate but if you love it for the first time you will love it forever. It's like a drug that gets into your veins, once it's in it can't get out, even if you want to detoxify it.

New York is the city that makes you want to live, that city that makes you want to fight, be strong and wake up every morning earlier than the alarm clock. New York is that city that has it all, where people are all the same where racism no longer exists, where integration is the order of the day, where whites, blacks, Chinese and Indians live door to door and marry each other. them, where Cinderella finds and marries Prince Charming, where the possibilities really exist.

New York is a city where those who deserve get, but at the same time it is certain that to get and deserve you have to work hard and not a little. New York is a very expensive city, among the expenses the rent (the most expensive in the world), the bills, the telephone, the metrocard, the health insurance, the food ... If I said that I made my life easy when I decided to move to New York I would say an immense lie, but every day I pass here, every day I wake up here I feel alive, alive as I have never been.

The energy that is breathed here I have never breathed elsewhere.
There are those who say that they find people sad on the subway, I don't see them sad if I ever see them tired, tired from a hard week of work that on the subway find time to read, put on make-up or listen to music, I see faces that do give to do by putting all the effort possible.

It is said that New York is the city to become someone. The American dream still exists, everything is possible but there are no discounts for anyone. Doing good does not suit this place, it is a city that is ultimately cruel on the working level. You can be friends with a friend but if they compete for the same interview it will be open war.

The urban legend that if something happens they let you die on the street is not true. In New York they always give you help, there is a lot of solidarity and people are not bad, they just think of themselves, nobody here will say sweet things to you in front to stab you in the back, here if they have to stab you they do it in front of you.

It will be because I grew up dreaming of New York, it will be because it took my years of university to achieve this goal, I feel American at heart, I feel close to this people and very similar to them.

Going to the particular, immigrating here is very difficult, it's not like moving to europe where you go and look for work. Here you can come with a travel visa which is valid for 3 months and does not allow you to work. To immigrate here and work legally, provide yourself with holy patience, time, a degree would be a point in your favor, money and a good lawyer with whom you will start a practice. All this after you have found one (to become a sponsor) who will say that he hires you because you are indispensable for his company.

Obviously we are not talking about babysitting jobs with which you could apply for a visa to be an au pair, or waiters who give you limited chances of obtaining a visa.
Get ready for wait months waiting for answers, months where you have no idea what will happen.
An easier way to stay here but which still doesn't allow you to work is to come to study, whether it's English or a real university will allow you to stay here and who knows maybe show your skills and find a sponsor.

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