Hostaria Savonarola: where to eat in Ferrara

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Where to eat a typical dish in Ferrara, here is the review of the Osteria Savonarola, to spend the right amount and eat a local dish in Emilia Romagna.

Remember the previous post on typical dishes of Ferrara? Here, today I suggest you a place where you can taste those dishes; a place I tried and tried again (just to be on the safe side): theHostaria Savonarola.

Hostaria Savonarola: what you will like

Perhaps this title may sound impertinent, but I have no doubts about it: the place itself will enchant you, as a first aspect. The Hostaria Savonarola is located under the arcades in front of the homonymous square, in the shadow of the Castle, and, not surprisingly, in front of the statue of the famous Dominican preacher Girolamo Savonarola (Ferrara 1452-Florence 1498), who was burned at the stake for religious ideas considered heretical and which then rose to the rank of symbol of republican freedom and a precursor of Lutheran ideas at the same time. Once inside, you will find yourself in an ancient environment, both for the kindness of the staff and for the atmosphere: the sauce salami hanging, the dark wood furnishings, the iron lamps, the large mirrors, the prints on the walls, the wine bottles on display, the old ceiling beams.

You will be greeted with kindness and smiles, I said. They will seat you at a table and immediately bring you a basket with the pair (you don't know what it is? Read the post on typical Ferrara dishes that I indicated above). At that point, from the menu, you can choose between fixed dishes, and those of the day.

Hostaria Savonarola and its delicacies

All, or almost, of Estense brand, not even to say. If you like cured meats, then you can't miss to taste some delicacies of the local butchery, such as salami with garlic and the aromatic Zia, a very fragrant cold cut from Ferrara. Or, among the great classics already reported in my previous post, you can choose between the salama da sugo with mashed potatoes, Or the Ferrara pie, or even the timeless ones Pumpkin ravioli.

If you want to stay light, I recommend the cut with flakes of parmesan and rocket. It is not typically Ferrara, but it is really exquisite and does not weigh you down.

Any other suggestions? Even if they do not date back to the ancient Ferrara tradition, they still deserve to be tried, in second (or third, or fourth, etc.) course: the cheese sfogliatella with Parma ham, the passatelli (dry and seasoned with saffron cream) , tagliatelle with mascarpone, sausage and zucchini. Unusual and inviting combinations.

And at the end? In the choice of desserts, we point out the tagliolin cakeie the chocolate salami.

The Hostaria Savonarola also has a excellent value for money (the prices are really good, if you then consider the location, the beauty of the place and the quality of the service and food) and, thanks to the efficiency of the staff, you don't need to book not even in the most crowded evenings.

What are you waiting for to try it?

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