Holland: ice sculpture festival

The Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival is one of the most anticipated events of the winter period and usually takes place in the beautiful setting of the picturesque city god Zwolle.

International Ice Sculpture Festival: information

Il Holland Ice Sculpture Festival It is one of the Events most anticipated of the winter period and, by now, it is famous all over the world.

This unique winter event attracts over 100 visitors from every corner of the world every year and is held inside the IJsselhallen di Zwolle that a very important congress center that is spread over an area of ​​over 20 thousand square meters.

Al Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival every year about 40 national and international artists participate who, from simple blocks of ice, create wonderfully perfect unique works.

Every year the Holland Ice Sculpture Festival proposes a different theme and for the realization of the works 275 thousand kg of ice are made available to the artists from which about 100 fantastic sculptures are "obtained".

There is no shortage of opportunities for divertissement for children as a myriad of attractions completely free.

We would like to point out that all the works of art can be visited inside an ice pavilion of about 3000 square meters whose temperature is around -10 °.

Ice Sculpture Festival Holland: how to get there and prices

Il Dutch Ice Sculpture Festival it is usually held from the second half of December to the first days of March and on admission ticket price it rarely varies and is around 17,50 euros for adults, 12,00 euros for children from 4 to 10 years old, while children under the age of 4 are entitled to free admission.

We always recommend buying tickets online in order to avoid paying an additional fee.

If you are going to go to visit the Holland Ice Sculpture Festival, we always recommend staying at Amsterdam as Zwolle is just under an hour from the capital.

Another thing to keep in mind is clothing, in fact we highly recommend being well protected up to the top of the hair, as they say, because -10 ° is a nice temperature.

Dutch ice sculpture festival: pictures and photos

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