Gyrosteria Yannis: Greece in Bari

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I have to be honest: I have a soft spot for Greece and if there is a Greek restaurant, wherever I am, I can't help but try it. Often, however, the flavors of my Greece are not quite the same tasted in the restaurant. There Gyrosteria Yannis it is definitely an exception: it really is a slice of Greece in my area. After all, you can't help but notice it if you walk through the alleys of "Old Bari", In Via Re Manfredi at number 22, so colored in white and blue, so much so that it reminds me of my much loved Greek restaurants ... on which I could write a papyrus ...

In any case, as already mentioned, these are authentic flavors: from pita, to feta, to get to Salsa Tzatziki and Souvlaki, real must-haves of Hellenic cuisine. I generally start with white pita bread, on which to spread the tzatziki sauce, then continue with a saganaki (breaded and fried cheese) and I finish with a classic gyro pita, strictly with red onion, real Greek red onion.

The other dishes also deserve a mention: mussaka for example or souvlaki on the plate ... really delicious especially if accompanied with the famous Mythos beer.

Finally, even the sweets give of Greece: kataifi made from almonds, greek yogurt with honey, baclava, you just have to choose!

A second branch has also opened for some time, dedicated above all to take away and home service, located in Via Nicolai, near the University, where students certainly spend a lot of time and where prices, if ever had been necessary, they are even lower.

In short, a very nice place, in the heart of Bari and that takes you to the heart of Greek cuisine, thanks also to its colors, the wooden chairs and the many paintings and objects on the walls markedly inspired by an island overlooking the Ionian Sea ... try to believe!

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