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    Grape Harvest Festival in Paris in Montmartre

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    Pau Monfort

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    A Paris a really interesting festival takes place every autumn, the Grape Harvest Festival. To Montmartre la Fete des Vendanges takes place in the heart of the Parisian hill where there is a vineyard owned by the City of Paris which is the last vineyard within the city.

    It is precisely here that this great event is celebrated in autumn, which attracts all Parisians but also, and above all, visitors. To the magic of the artists' quarter of Montmartre the beauty of the harvest is also associated. In fact, once upon a time the hill of the artists was all covered with vineyards but then over time a single plot of land of 1500 square meters remained to remember the origins of the hill.

    food stands where to eat and taste good wine combined with the magic of Montmartre, home of great artists, make Paris a magical place, more than usual.

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