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    Glass processing in Murano

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    If you go to Murano you cannot miss a visit to the glass processing. Seeing with your own eyes how many artisans manage to shape glass and make it become something absolutely perfect, is a gem that you really must not miss.

    Although I preferred the island of Burano to that of Murano, the glass processing I really recommend it. Interesting and also curious in all its aspects. Murano is easily accessible from Venice with line 4.2 or 4.1 from Fondamenta Nove. From the airport you can reach Murano in 30 minutes using the Alilaguna public transport lines which also pass through Piazzale Roma and then through the station. Finally from Burano you get to Murano with line 12.

    Before arriving in Murano you will meet San Michele in Isola, which has been the cemetery of Venice since 1806. Once in Murano, get off at the first stop, but you will see that you will almost have to because everyone will get off there. Here your attention will be drawn by a boy who will show you the way to reach the factory where they make Murano glass, follow it without fear and after 300 meters you will arrive at your destination.

    Here it is possible attend for free to the explanation on the working of Murano glass. You will be shown, right in front of you, how glass is worked: the silicon sand that is melted in the oven and which becomes transparent glass.

    The main material for working Murano glass is silicon sand melted in the oven at 1500 ° C and then by lowering the temperature it is processed. Among the various processes the technique of glass blowing, as seen in the photo. Once blown, the still soft glass comes worked with pliers and molded until you get beautiful objects, horses, fish and different shapes all colored.

    After seeing the glass work it is possible to buy some samples in exposure.

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